Connect with your innate gifts as a highly sensitive person

As a coach for highly sensitive people, I’m passionate about helping clients integrate and embody their transformation and go beyond their conditioning to reconnect with their core selves.


It’s only when we remember the truth of who we really are that we can embrace our authentic gifts and as a result feel more empowered.

Most of the struggles highly sensitive people face come from their pre-programmed beliefs and earlier life conditioning. A huge part of our healing journey is remembering we are not what society has told us we are - vulnerable, weak, or broken. We are, in fact, empowered with traits and gifts which are crucial to our individual and collective wellbeing. 

Having the right resources and tools to navigate our sensitivity is crucial, however; for significant transformation to take place and to step into our gifts of sensitivity - we have to embody and integrate this knowledge on all levels of our being – including mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

How do we go from knowing something intellectually to embodying it in the cells of our being? How do we live in alignment with the qualities of our soul essence – the truth of who we know ourselves to be? 

Trying to change our thoughts with the conscious mind alone is not enough, and the traditional paradigm of replacing an old thought with a new one is outdated, 

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein 

When we try to change our past programming, we are only using 5% of our conscious mind – so we can try to think differently, but 95% of our programming is still going on in the subconscious! This means our conscious thoughts are saying one thing, but the body can be saying something else.

What’s crucial here is that we not only think about new beliefs but feel the energy and emotion associated with those beliefs so we can embody and become the change.

When we think of the future person we want to become, and a future reality we want to manifest, it's helpful to remember that this reality already exists and we are born with the innate qualities we dream of becoming; we have the potential to create our reality through our thoughts alone.

We often mistake our wounding for our true self. Even if we know that our conditioned identity is limited, letting go of what is familiar is often more terrifying than stepping into the unknown.

As Tony Robbins says, ‘energy flows where attention goes’ - the more we focus on gratitude, love, and abundance the more we align with this energy and, as a result, manifest things in our life which are congruent with the frequency of those emotions.

At the same time, we must also allow space for all spectrums of our emotions - if we try to suppress the more challenging emotions, they will only show up stronger with more intention and energy behind them.

Our wounds are actually a portal - a gateway into what is beyond the limitations of our ego. Our ability to reframe who we are is not about moving away from our wounds - it’s about moving through them. When we go from the old self to the new self, there is a void – a place of uncertainty. That is the perfect place to create something new. 

In this space, we can enter the quantum field which exists before the material realm manifests. When we enter the quantum field, and that means we are in resonance with it, we’re in a state of flow and we have the potential to create our reality and we go beyond the concept of linear time and our fixed identity.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of accessing this expansive and coherent state is through meditation. In the meditative state, our brain waves shift into the slower brainwave patterns of alpha and even theta. We move beyond our analytical system into our subconscious programming. We also experience brain and heart coherence which means that we start to function better and there is more communication between the heart and brain. In this space, we can think beyond the limitations of the conditions of our environment.

When you are present in these altered and expansive states, you can actually change the neurological hardware in your brain. For example, when you visualise or rehearse that you’ve already done something in your mind, your brain doesn’t know any difference from reality and the thought of it – so you don’t need to wait for it to happen – you can instead feel the emotion of that experience in the present moment. To embody significant change and transformation, take time each day to engage in meditation. You can begin with guided visualisations to support your process.

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