Ways to be more spiritual

Spirituality is a very extensive topic that basically describes the concept of acknowledging or believing there is something greater than yourself. This can include the idea of a God or another non-human identity that is of divine nature.  


To really embrace your spirituality is to open your heart to other realities other than the one you can experience with your five senses. It calls for faith, hope and most importantly, love. 

It's important to embrace your spirituality as it is deeply connected to your life's purpose and your level of self-awareness. You get clarity on all aspects of life that you need when you begin to be more spiritual. 

It's never too late to connect to:

  • Divine
  • Source
  • Universe
  • God
  • Mother Earth
  • Light
  • Higher Self

.. whatever your name for that higher identity is. But first, let's demystify some aspects of being spiritual.

Spirituality myths

Myth #1 - Being spiritual means to only be religious

You do not need to follow any religion in order to connect to your spirituality. You don't need to necessarily pray to any identity or do any rituals (you can, but it's not the rule!). Being spiritual can be combined with religious beliefs, but it's much more to follow your own individual beliefs to get a sense of peace and purpose. 

Myth #2 - It's not safe to be spiritual

This was a belief that was limiting me and that I needed to remove from my own belief system as I thought that being spiritual meant that I was an evil witch, and at some deep unconscious level, I feared that I would be burnt alive.

What my brain was doing was really protecting me by saying that I needed to hide my spirituality and my love for tokens (such as crystals and oracle cards) because it feared that I would be judged and rejected from "my pack", leaving me isolated and exposed to further rejections by society.  

This couldn't be further from the truth. It was only my insecurities talking and once I created that sense of safety in my being, I could show up authentically and unapologetically as a spiritual being that embraces the divine within me.   

Myth #3 - You need to have crystals, follow the moon cycle, be interested in astrology and yoga to be spiritual

It's important to deconstruct the stereotypical ideal of a spiritual person as being:

  • a "hippie"
  • an expert yogi
  • a vegan
  • that person that only makes decisions based on horoscopes
  • someone that has an altar full of crystals and is always talking about the Law of Attraction (...I'm calling myself out here a bit!).

There are no pre-conditions to be spiritual, each person must find their own way to experience the deep connection to their higher selves and embrace the love, inner peace and sense of fulfilment that comes with it.

It's less about what you have and what you do and more about who you're being. 

Ok, let's get to the good part...

3 ways to be more spiritual 

Look within, listen to your intuitive hits

Connect more to your intuition. Your higher self is always ready to help you and guide you to the best life decisions and you can channel them at any time you need. 

You have an inner critic that is very helpful in keeping you awake at night and helps you prepare for all the things you have to do the next day by overthinking and exhausting you to the point that you don't have any energy left to love yourself or even have a kind word. 

That inner critic needs you to pay attention to the subliminal message. The overthinking and overwhelm is just a symptom of something bigger that is keeping you from crossing the bridge to a complete sense of inner peace. 

By recognising that you have this inner critic and also a higher self, you can call in for help and give yourself the patience, kindness and love that your inner critic needs.

You can do this by imagining your inner critic as a 6-year-old that is cold, hungry and can't find their mother. You speak to them as a loving, warm and welcoming figure that is ready to help them and guide them to safety again.  

How is this being spiritual, you might ask?

You are calling in your higher self and embracing new ways of being, exploring with open mind things, concepts, beliefs and sensations you might not yet have experienced and so you are connecting to that higher realm of possibilities where love rules. 

Have a gratitude practice

As I've mentioned before, spirituality is highly connected with love and other high-frequency energies as such. Gratitude is one of the highest forms of love that you can experience and it connects you almost instantaneously to your higher self. 

You can start a gratitude practice by thinking about at least three things you're grateful for in your day as you go to sleep and connect to why you're grateful and how that emotion makes you feel. Allow the feeling to cover all your body and truly connect to all sensations associated with the image/memory/person/thing you first thought of. 

Be more mindful

Breathe more intentionally and more deeply once in a while. Observe what's around you on purpose and without any form of judgement. 

Observe your thoughts, emotions and feeling without judgement as if they are not your own, you are just there as a third person, sailing through the motions of life. This might seem a very passive way of living, but believe me, it's not at all.

By purposefully paying attention to the present moment you don't leave space or time to pay attention to your inner critic that takes you to the depressive aspects of your past or the anxious moments of the possible future, and allow your intuition to speak louder and giving you the right answers for your own life, stripped from other people's judgements and opinions. 

Connect mind, body and soul! Do any practices that you enjoy doing, any form of exercise or hobby that makes you feel light and relaxed. Gather your group of friends and be in the moment. 

All of these tips will help you to have an overall sense of inner knowing, deep connection and peace of mind. 

Contact me to book your free Inner Peace Assessment, where you can deepen your knowledge and get some clarity on what's keeping you from your heart's desires.

Remember to live by your own set of rules accordingly to your values and relax. You are loved, protected and held!

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