Align your focus with the solution, not the problem

I first came into contact with a Life Coach 12 years ago, we became friends and I was totally intrigued by the concept of coaching, which originally began in the USA. Over the years and having read many self-improvement books, I learned that with the right coach and mentor you can overcome almost anything you allow yourself to including; fear, change and challenges.

Having a coach is a valuable investment in you, either for your relationship, personal development or business goals. Having a coach on your side is a great sounding board and someone who will journey with you to overcome your challenges, help you reach your goals and harness your true potential.

Coaching can enable you to establish clarity in your life and over a period of time determine what changes need to be made in order for you to have more focus and direction for the path you chose to take. You are then regularly held accountable for your actions so that your focus is maintained and that you remain on track.

Working through your own challenges can be a real uphill struggle and although friends and family will tell you what to do and advise you, this is actually your journey and not theirs, so only you hold the answers to your situation.

Coaching is about creating a positive environment for clients in order to achieve better results by changing their mind-set, enabling them to realise that their possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Generally people expect to see changes in their lives without fully understanding what is required. Without making a change in their behaviours' it is not realistic to expect a different outcome.

It is so important to align yourself with the solution and not the problem, because if this doesn't happen you will end up sabotaging yourself and your mind-set will focus more on the negatives which could then lead to anxiety, depression and potentially overwhelm.

If you focus more on the solution to your situation you will begin to realise that you can actually overcome your challenges, by considering a range of alternative options, this will enable you to potentially manage your situation with more ease and reduce a negative thought process and you will become more self-assured of your own capability.

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