Seven tips for changing career

I know only too well from my past how it feels to be stuck in a rut, not enjoying work and not looking forward to Sunday night as I knew the next day I would be back in a job where I wasn't feeling fulfilled in and certainly wasn't feeling I was being appreciated. My confidence was low and I felt I had to settle for the job I was in.

Then I thought.. why?  

I wasn't earning enough and a change of career was always running through my mind, but I didn't know what I wanted to do, I didn't know how to change things or where to start.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It's a new year, if you want to increase your confidence and change career I suggest you have a good think about where you are and where you want to be.

Here are seven tips to help you think things through so you can evaluate your situation around your current career and gain some clarity before making any rash decisions.

1.  Be honest with yourself - do you want to change career, change role or change company?

You have to get really specific here. What don't you like and what do you like. Make a list. It may be you like your career but don't like your team, your boss or the ethics of the company you work for. Flesh it out on paper, list it all out. Would you like to have the same role in a public sector organisation, charity, private sector or have a similar career in another country? Would you like to have the confidence to work part time in your field and pursue another career at the same time?

2.  Get clarity around why you want to change career

Are you bored? Have you always suppressed your creative streak and now want to own that and take a risk in a new creative career? Did you fall into the job after university and get comfortable but now it's uncomfortable as you have changed as a person as the field no longer interests you? Do you want to start earning more money to save for a house when earning more in your field is not a possibility? Is your confidence low and do you feel undervalued? Do you feel you are not making progress? Do you feel that it's a false environment you are working in? Has restructure in the organisation meant your role has changed and you no longer enjoy what you do? Do you find your boss unbearable?

3. Get familiar with your talents and skills

Are you a people person? Are you excellent at organising other people's lives? Are you good with words, the law, figures/accounts/spreadsheets, admin, children, old people/sick people, design, styling, fashion, make up, wealth/investment, ideas, fundraising, lecturing or researching?

How can you use these transferable skills in your current working life, different role or different department? Can you take these transferable skills to another company, set up a company for yourself, become an expert in your field, partner up with someone else, become a freelance contractor, specialist or an entrepreneur? 

4. Seriously consider if you prepared to start from the bottom or re-train

If what you want to do requires starting over and earning less for a while, do you have a prudent reserve or could you start saving now and set a goal and a lifeplan? Could you change your lifestyle for a short time in exchange for long term gain.

5.   Get smart with finances

If you dropped your income level, consider letting out a room to boost your income or take a part time position for a while. Keep your figures for 12 weeks; outgoings, income, extra expenses and look at what you can cut back so you are clear on what you need for one year.

You can stay where you are or you can get the confidence factor and take your life to a whole new level by feeling the fear and doing it anyway and changing career, role or company.

What's stopping you? You can do it! Make it happen, after all it's your time to shine.

Happy 2015 everyone. Whatever you decide - I wish you a blessed year...

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