About me

Do you believe you are ‘stuck’, have lost confidence or motivation in your personal life or career? Coaching will provide the supportive challenge you need and, the time to focus on yourself. Through illuminating patterns of thinking that no longer serve you and what holds them in place, shifts can occur.

Using the P6 Constellation framework, I will support you to examine self limiting assumptions, be more fully aware of yourself and your impact on others. Engaging in Presence in Action will impact your work and relationships as you begin to notice the impact your speech and behaviour on yourself and others

Am I ready for coaching?
You are ready to begin the process if you are frustrated in one or more areas of your life or do not have the work life balance you would like. You are ready when you want something different in your career, business or personal life

What coaching will do for you
Coaching will change you!
The process increases awareness, confidence, motivation, enables emotional mastery and resilience.

By attending to yourself you will reduce your stress, find motivation and develop personally. The coaching process facilitates clarity of thought which increases your career, business and personal effectiveness.

Why am I a coach?

What inspires me about the coaching relationship is that it is a journey of discovery,which enables people to make new and different life and career choices. I find the fact that coaching can liberate people to take control of and redesign their lives very exciting.

Being able to work with individuals of varying ages, diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, students and job seekers means that the work is both interesting and rewarding for me as a coach

A little about me!
I am a keen explorer and adventurer. I love to challenge myself to live and work differently. I often combine my passions for nature, the outdoors, abstract sculpture and travel. I am exploring land as opposed to air travel due to the climate emergency. Other pleasures include hiking, dancing and gardening. Did I mention I love a good book? Currently absorbed in the Secret Life of Trees!!!

Training, qualifications & experience

I have experience working with individuals at all organisational levels in Private, Public and Charity sectors and those who are self employed

Whilst my original training included Person Centred and Solution Focused models, the approach  I have used since 2012 is Presence in Action which draws on systems and complexity theory. Through paying attention to what is present you will discover more information to both make meaning of your situation and see the transformation of unhelpful patterns in your life. You will be able to  work with yourself both in and out of the sessions.

I am one of the pioneering Potent6 practioners and it is the P6Constellation framework which supports myself in practice and enables me to illuminate patterns simply in others.

As a member of the Potent6 Coaching Community I have access to peer support, group training and personal development. I work with other experienced coaches in group settings and give and receive feedback on my practice. I also have regular supervision.

I have over 20 years of NHS experience leading & managing change and experience working with and coaching individuals at all levels of the organisation. My healthcare background has also given me a broad set people and business skills which has provided an excellent foundation for my personal & business coaching practice.

In addition to the Public sector I have experience Coaching & Mentoring at CEO/Director level in the Charity & Small Business sectors , developing leadership and a robust business approach that delivers profit/surplus.

I also work with those experiencing Anti Social Behaviour, supporting them during evidence gathering and while legal procedures are followed.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Navigating change & psychological transitions for example :-

Changing job or career
Change of relational status
Loss & Bereavement
Entering a new decade
Relationship Development
Personal development


Additional information

The cost and number of coaching sessions depends on what the individual requires. Each session lasts about an hour.


I have a range of appointments which include daytime, evenings and weekends.

Further information


Ro helped me break down some fictions I had about myself into clear manageable facts, which enabled me to get to the core of what was stopping me from moving forward.

Laura Martin Restaurant Manager January 2020

Having coaching with Ro has been extremely helpful for me to deal with complex feelings and emotions that were making me feel stuck within my career and personal life. I have been able to move forward with this effectively. I would highly recommend her.

Debbie Howard, Film & TV Director  October 2019

I can’t recommend Ro enough! My husband suggested I phone her, when I was feeling completely overwhelmed with work. After a very honest and tearful conversation I started working with her, and haven’t looked back since. I now know how to accept my feelings, and I understand the repeated patterns that can hold me back. I’ve learnt to slow down and look at things in a different way, and it’s definitely helped me be a better version of me. Ro provides the headspace and prompts to enable me to sort things out - sometimes I come up with solutions and sometimes I just see things differently. It helps me press the reset button on my brain, and I leave energised again.

Jo, Head Teacher September 2019

When I first saw Ro I was overwhelmed by feelings and generally feeling 'stuck'. Coaching helped me to 'move on', make appropriate changes and generally start living in the moment again.

LM Personal Assistant August 2019

Ro is an incredibly insightful and clear thinking coach who has mastered the P6Constellation framework. It is so effective in getting underneath the hidden thoughts and feelings which unconsciously drive habits.

Tony Vino Comedian, Show Booker & Corporate Entertainer 2017

The main thing for me was that working with Ro and the P6Constellation it enabled me to see that I wasn't looking at what I wanted to get out of retirement. I was blocking out what I wanted and was was focusing on making sure I didn't upset anyone else in the negotiations. It gave me a sense of freedom to think clearly and not pursue the previous muddled mixed up thoughts I had been placing too much emphasis on. It certainly felt awkward possibly even bizarre at first but I soon realised its effectiveness

A.J Finance Executive 2017

"Ro was able to hold a space for me to explore deep rooted feelings which I was too afraid to face on my own. She enabled me to work through the P6Constellation in my own time, gently probing and reflecting back to me where I was. This enable me to make friends with my feelings, understand their origin and resource myself.”

Transition Coach 2017

Working with you was great and I felt very focused after our meetings. You showed compassion and created a warm comfortable space. I wouldn't hesitate recommending you.

M. K Supply Chain Manager 2017

" I experienced a new capacity to recognise and accept my emotions rather than reject them and I reconnected with my purpose."

C.T Reflexologist 2017

Ro has been an excellent coach for me. With her pertinent questions she quickly helped me to come to the essence of what I was trying to express. She helped me recognise with exercises and visualisations the beliefs I held on to about myself. Once this had become clear to me, change started to happen quickly. I am now in a much lighter and more positive place than I was a few months ago, and I trust that things can only get better from here. Thank you Ro.

Anon 2016

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found such an excellent match in Ro as a Coach. Her professional approach and expertise, combined with her warmth and humour, have provided the right environment for us to work together. Ro has helped to bring new perspectives and understanding, especially in regard to how life events shape thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and the impact this can have on one's ability to move forward. Through mutual respect and trust, she has helped me to determine meaningful next steps. I would strongly recommend Ro as a Professional Coach, who is great at creating the right balance between empathy and respectful challenge. I can envisage working with her again in the future in many different ways.

R.B Senior Executive Human Resources Specialist Feb 2013

Please visit my website for a full list of testimonials:-www.peoplechangingspaces.com           Twitter @PCS_Ro


Type of session

In person


Ro Lavender

Ro Lavender