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Are you spinning too many plates and feel that you are at the point of burning out?

Perhaps you struggle with beliefs of being an imposter and find it hard to enjoy your work fully? 

Are you conflicted about playing it big for fear of negative judgement or failure?

Do you crave a life that is fuelled by a sense of purpose and not by the what if thoughts?

Deciding to embark on a journey of change can be truly scary....but deciding to take that first step can also be invigorating and lead to meaningful and lasting change.

Hi I'm Lucy,  a certified Transformational Coach and Chartered Psychologist,  and I am fascinated by human potential and the capacity to change at any stage of life.  My mission as a coach is to support you to be more empowered so that you can take bold actions and meet your full potential. 

I support busy professionals (some of whom may be on the edge of burning out or overwhelmed) to: 

  • Manage the impact of imposter feelings
  • Achieve meaningful and significant goals;
  • Prevent burnout and improve psychological wellbeing • Build resilience to maximise effectiveness
  • Manage feelings of overwhelm to restore productivity 

How I work:

I provide a supportive space one in which you are able to broaden your perspectives, extend your comfort zone so that you move towards meeting the goals that mean a great deal to you.  Our coaching relationship is collaborative and I work in partnership with you, providing the accountability (and challenge) that we all need sometimes to help us progress. 

In addition to Transformational Coaching, I combine evidenced-based approaches from the field of Psychology. This combination of approaches can provide a powerful way to support clients to create change, build up resilience and enhance wellbeing. 

Whether you are struggling to make changes a reality, or suffering with imposter syndrome, overwhelmed by challenges or on the edge of burning out, working with a trusted coach can be an extremely effective way to:

  • Connect with your values so that you can make and meet goals that are consistent with what really matters to you;
  • Manage challenges more effectively;
  • Re-establish priorities to create more balance;
  • Manage feelings of overwhelm;
  • Create a life richer in meaning and purpose;
  • Build resilience to enhance your performance;
  • Improve your psychological wellbeing.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am passionate about demystifying Psychology, so that you can work out what's getting in your way and become better equipped to meet your potential, harness your strengths and thrive.


  • Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching, ICF approved)
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology (Dclin.Psych)
  • BSc Honours in Psychology 


  • Certificates (x2) in Acceptance and Commitment Coaching
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology 


  • Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society 

Areas of coaching I deal with

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Managing Imposter Syndrome 

Managing Overwhelm

Enhancing wellbeing

Improving resilience 


Free initial telephone session

Additional information

I provide a free 20 minute, no obligation consultation call.  

I have 2 packages to offer:

  • A bespoke package of 6 coaching sessions over 3 months -  £450
  • A bespoke package of 8 coaching sessions over 4 months -  £600

Further information

Finding the 'right' coach for you is really important.  I offer a free 20 minute, no obligation telephone consultation so you can find out more and see if we are a good fit to work together. 

If you would like to move forwards with courage and develop a shift in mindset so that you can thrive then I would love to hear from you.

Please note, I work in a coaching capacity and my coaching packages do not involve therapy/support for mental health difficulties.


Type of session

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Dr Lucy Coonan

Dr Lucy Coonan