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About me

Hi, I'm Kieran, I am a professionally qualified Life Coach and NLP practitioner, specialising in making positive changes in your lifestyle and mindset.

I will also help you connect the dots and create purposeful links between your passions, abilities and how you can use this to benefit others and the world.

What to expect

For me, mindset is everything and many us live a very limited life and mindset to match this. I believe in a growth mindset and will help you see what is possible in your life. Through taking a step back and using purposeful questions will allow us to see the bigger picture and overcome your own limiting beliefs. Through this practice you will begin to see obstacles and challenges in life as opportunities for growth.

Through using active listening and thought provoking, invigorating questions to dig deep inside yourself to find the answers and uncover your potential. We will also use a range Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tools to help develop your confidence and mindset.  We will gain clarity on your goals to leave you feeling motivated and inspired.

Coupled with this we will use several psychological tools to help you gain clarity on your life purpose combining what you are good at and how you can use this in service of others. This is how you create your life mission and in my humble opinion this is the most important thing we can do, we are here to thrive and not merely stumble our way through life like it's some sort of punishment.

As your coach

After each session there will be self defined, relevant action steps to build momentum towards what it is you really want to achieve in your life. I'll be your supporter, challenger and accountability partner.  To keep you motivated, focused and on the right track through our sessions and regular check ins.  We will also take a look at your lifestyle and make improvements to this. Putting in place empowering habits and routines which will provide a solid foundation to improving your mindset and reaching your goals.

Moreover, together we will create a bespoke wheel of life assessment for you to focus on the important areas of life for you and where you want to make improvements. We will refer to this throughout your coaching journey to allow you to reflect on this to see the growth you have made and make any refinements along the way.

I believe in enjoying the journey and not just the destination. This journey will be unique to you, fun and engaging. This is a fundamental aspect of my coaching sessions which clients really do engage with and enjoy.

My values

  • Self development and constant growth
  • Having fun whilst I do this
  • Using this to help others and the world

What I can help with?

  • Getting clear on your life purpose, why you are here and how you can serve.
  • Connecting the dots between what you are good at, what you enjoy what you can get paid for and how you can contribute to others.
  • Setting and smashing your goals
  • Getting you into a growth mindset
  • Improving your life work balance
  • Creating an empowering, lasting morning routine and productive evening routine
  • Putting into place good habits to improve all areas of your life
  • Teaching you empowering tools to use in areas of your life
  • Managing stress levels
  • Improving relationship with yourself and others
  • Increasing your self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Listening to and developing your intuition
  • Living a more joyful and carefree life
  • Making positive changes to your lifestyle
  • Changing how you frame your outlook of life and challenges

I have a range of clients I have worked with who after even a couple of sessions have noticed they:

  • Are living more joyfully
  • Have a more positive outlook on life
  • Have increased levels of self awareness
  • Feel Inspired
  • Are happier
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Have lower stress levels
  • Are more in tune with their intuition
  • Have increase confidence and self esteem
  • Clearer on what their purpose in life is
  • Have better habits and changes

Getting started

To start your journey of change and to improve your life,  please contact me or visit my website to book in your discovery call. Prior to this I will send you my pre coaching questionnaire which will allow you to take stock of where you are and how I can support you as we start to bring clarity to your life. This is a great chance for you to get a feel of how my coaching will work and benefit you as well as see if we are a good match for each other. After we’ve decided to work together we will book in our sessions based around your needs and have an agreement in place which I like to call "designing the alliance".

Typically sessions will take place on a fortnightly or monthly basis to really allow what we discuss to sink in and to complete action steps in-between sessions.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Fully qualified Life Coach
  • NLP practitioner
  • Life purpose coaching diploma
  • BA Hons in Sport Development
  • Mental Health first aider
  • Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Experience leading meditations

My background

I have successfully been running my own pre school football coaching company for the last 10 years. During this time I have a track record growing year on year and getting results. To do this I created a strong company "why" of offering as many children as possible a positive introduction and on going experience to sport. This vision was embodied throughout the whole organisation to get everyone pulling in the same direction. It also influenced all of my ideas and decisions allowing me step out of my own limiting beliefs and focus on constant improvement in all areas of the business.

A large part of my role was running coaching workshops with my staff one on one and as a group. This helped them utilise their unique skills and abilities and encourage them to think with a growth mindset to see what is possible. Each coach would also set their own goals and therefore be more motivated to hit them.  A lot of the skills I have been using throughout my time doing this I will bring in to my life coaching sessions.

Member organisations


Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching is one of the leading professional bodies for Coaches and Organisations.

The Association is made up of a number of different membership categories, e.g. Associate Member (AMAC), Member (MAC), Accredited Member (AC Accred), with the different categories standing for different levels of training and experience. Accredited Members have achieved a substantial level of training and experience approved by the Association.

The Association has a Code of Ethics & Good Practice and a Complaints Procedure.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Mindset
  • Life purpose
  • Anxiety


Additional information

Complimentary discovery call - subject completion of pre coaching questionnaire.

"The best investment you can make is one in yourself." Warren Buffett


Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

Saturday 8am - 11am

Please go to my website to check my availability and book in.

Further information

Coaching via zoom, Google meet, Whatsapp or Facetime to suit your requirements.

We will discuss the frequency of the calls on your discovery session, sessions can be booked weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc. Prior to each session i'll send you my unique coaching call form. This will provide a clear structure so we know exactly what it is you want to focus on and get out of the call.

I will take on going notes in our sessions to ensure nothing is missed. These will be shared with you and we will review them together each session looking for key insights and ideas. These will be stored safely and securely electronically and not shared or discussed with anyone else, and calls will be done securely using passwords and protection where required.

Sessions will last at least 1 hour, if we are in flow and I am able, I will not be clock watching. After each call we will set three action steps to accelerate your growth and development towards your goals. How you commit to these is vital to how quickly you will see progress in your coaching journey. I'll send check in messages and sometimes organise quick accountability calls to keep you on track, and we will use some reflection work in our sessions to highlight your personal growth.


Type of session

In person


Kieran Townsend - Lifestyle & Mindset coach

Kieran Townsend - Lifestyle & Mindset coach