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About me

From Kent to Chicago, Dubai to the Netherlands - 100s of people have greatly improved and even reversed their chronic health conditions using my unique P.P.F coaching programs and services helping them to experience life on their terms.
Below is a list of my own chronic health challenges diagnosed over the
course of 40 years by conventional allopathic medicine.
The prognosis for most of these were
(I'm sorry Mr W, we don't really know what the cause is, its most likely genetic)
Take this prescription.

Like you, for so many years i was left confused after changing my diet, adding & eliminating everything, exercising, not exercising, trying almost every alternative/complimentary therapy which "absolutely did help", albeit often temporary with symptoms returning.

By updating my understanding through challenging my core beliefs around the entire subject of health wellness & dis-ease i finally discovered that
through resolving certain conflicts within myself, my past and those around me,
my symptoms started to subside, reverse and health returned.

In simple terms, when we have tried "everything" changes in our eating habits, ruled out physical/accidental trauma and even poisoning, all of which do produce results, after all of these, and we still have symptoms of dis-ease there are often one or more unresolved conflicts that need to be addressed.
Irreversible- degenerative spinal disease
Lower bowel and anal fissures
Irritable bowel syndrome
Cystitis & water infections
Skin issues (spots acne and boils)
Anxiety & panic attacks

German New Medicine
Timeline Therapy
Strategic  Intervention
(Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes)

Training, qualifications & experience

German New Medicine
Strategic family therapy
Robbins Madanes Strategic Interventionist
Relationship Coaching (Human Dynamics)
Personal Confidence Coach
Timeline Therapy
AAC Associated

META-Health (German New Medicine) is the art, science and practice of Body-Mind-Social Health with a focus on how specific stress triggers, Inner conflicts, emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms.
META-Health is based on Integrative Medicine and Prevention using the principals of Psychology - Sociology - Human Behaviour - Neuroscience - Epigenetics & Evolution

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Conflict resolution (with self and others)
Chronic health challenges


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My fees are: £95.00 90 mins

Please book a FREE strategy session to discuss a strategic program that suits your needs.





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In person
Home visits


Chris Whalley Coaching for chronic health challenges through conflict resolution

Chris Whalley Coaching for chronic health challenges through conflict resolution