Embracing flux

“There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so either”. This is a favourite quote of ours here at Life Coach Directory. It serves as a reminder that we need seasons of rest in order to bloom.

This idea of different seasons in our life and embracing the idea of flux (flow and change) is an important one, not only for our personal lives, but for our careers.

There is somewhat of a trend online, and especially in the entrepreneur space, that in order to be successful, we must hustle. We must work hard, all day, every day. And this simply isn’t true.

Yes, there will be periods of time in life where you’ll feel like you’re firing on all cylinders. You’ll be energised and excited about a project and will want to work hard on it. Recognising when this season is drawing to a close however and embracing a change of pace is essential if you want to avoid burnout.

Notice when your energy levels start flagging. Notice when the creative ideas seem to have stalled. Are you feeling run down or seem to be coming down with coughs and colds a lot? Are you tired, struggling to sleep or suffering with stress-related aches and pains? These are all signs that your body and mind is in need of a rest.

If you notice these signs early enough, you can start working with these energy levels.

Take a look at your schedule (both personal and work-related) and see what you can push back or let go. Review how much self-care time you’re getting each week, and increase it. Think about what helps you feel rested and rejuvenated – whether that’s yoga, going for walks, reading or simply resting. Make more space for this.

These seasons are great time for researching and planning too. Get inspired and make notes. Doing this kind of work when your energy levels are low means that when you feel them rising again, you can put your plans into action.

If possible, take a break at this time. Book a holiday or simply take a few days off to really switch off and gain a little perspective. Remind yourself what brings you joy and what fulfils you.

Resting in these more quiet times is an investment. It allows you to recharge so that when you need to, you can return full of energy and be more productive. So rather than feeling guilty for not ‘performing’ at work or at home in these times, remember you are simply taking time to invest in yourself (and your future performance).

We would love to know how you navigate busier and quieter seasons in your life – let us know in the comment below or tweet us!  

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Written by Katherine
Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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