Ways to boost your confidence right now

Confidence can be very elusive. Without it we can fall down the route of self-doubt and negativity. So here are some confidence-boosting shortcuts to brighten your day.

1. Sit up straight

If you find yourself slouching in a chair, sit up straight! Research suggests that good posture can lead to a great amount of self-confidence.

2. Turn it up

Cranking up the volume can do great things for your body and mind. Try listening to songs with heavy bass to make you feel more powerful.

3. Learn from failure

A Michael Jordan quote sums it up quite nicely, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” If you have the mentality to learn from your failure, it can immediately boost your confidence knowing that you will not make the same mistake again.

4. Be a friend

Next time you need a quick confidence boost, speak to one of your best friends about a shared passion. This will both improve your mood and boost your confidence.

5. Exercise

Ways to boost your confidence right now

Exercise is not only good for your health; it’s good for your well-being too! According to research, working out regularly can improve your confidence. So why not try it today?

6. Visualise your success

Experts say that visualising yourself scoring the winning goal or focusing on your ideal body weight when exercising can help you feel more confident. This positive affirmation is perfect for when you wake up, before and during a task.

7. Practise

Even if you’re blessed with a talent, practising can make you feel even more confident in your abilities. This can range from practising your instrument before a gig or going through a slideshow one more time before a presentation.

8. Smile!

Cracking a smile is an instant way to boost your confidence. It can make you feel and appear both composed and confident. So try it!

If you would like to know how a life coach can help you build your confidence, visit our informative confidence fact sheet.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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