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Brits: the world’s least loving on Valentine’s Day?

valentines dayAccording to LastMinute.com, British couples lack both generosity and spontaneity when it comes to spending money on Valentine’s excursions.

The study shows that budget-loving Brits spend an average of £145 on Valentine’s day hotel and city trips. That’s compared to the lavish Spanish, who splash an average €261 (£220) and top the generosity charts ahead of Ireland, Britain, Germany, Italy and France.

Not only do Britons opt for frugal romance, they also like to plan ahead with an average 39 days pre book time. Italians appear to be the most flighty, spontaneous romancers with a much lower average of 26 pre book days.

It seems we Brits are living up to our long-lived reputation of cold reserve and austerity, whereas those living in the far warmer climes of France, Spain and Italy seem to be laid-back when it comes to money and passionate when it comes to love.

A separate report shows that even Iraq is embracing the Western celebration of Valentine’s day this year. In a country rife with warfare and notorious for shunning anything remotely Western, the sale of fluffy heart-shaped toys and pink cards holds a far deeper significance than it does for us in Britain.

Only last year, Valentine’s merchandise was banned by Iraqi authorities for promoting promiscuity and Western decadence. Now, after years of political turmoil and terrible violence, the people of Iraq are finally beginning to relax and enjoy Valentine’s as a celebration of expression and love.

One female shopper in Bagdad said: “It’s for you and I, for me and my brother, even for someone on the street. It’s not just about me and my fiance. Iraqis need happy moments to make them forget what they have been through — we have had enough sadness.”

Although Iraq is still a predominantly conservative country, young people are beginning to shun old traditions and embrace modern life. With recently heightened security, Iraqi couples now feel safe to publicly show a little tenderness, something that is reflected in the celebration of Valentine’s day.

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View and comment on the original LastMinute.com press release, and the original Washington Post news article.


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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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