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Social butterflies live up to three years longer than loners

A recent study conducted by Brigham Young University in Utah and the University of North Carolina have found that those of us who surround ourselves with family and friends are 50 percent less likely to die early than those with no social life.

It was found that those who were not socially active had mortality rates similar to those of alcoholics, the physically inactive and those with a BMI of over 30.

The team of researchers took data from 148 studies stretching over three decades and concluded that socially active people with lots of friends live an average of 3.7 years longer than those who prefer to go it alone.

According to Bert Uchino who lead the study, friends offer support that makes life easier on an everyday level and all of this has a knock on effect on our physical health such as blood pressure, metabolism and stress hormones.

Teresa Ellen Seeman, professor of medicine at the UCLA School of Public Health, said. ‘People who report more supportive and positive social relationships have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, better glucose metabolism and lower levels of various stress hormones,’

All of this is an indicator that a good social life effects us physically as well as mentally, a perfect excuse to make lots of dinner dates and plans with friends. In addition to this experts are also now saying that more needs to be done in terms of screening and providing support for those who are isolated and could be suffering with depression and anxiety.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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