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45 Central Street


07841 437951

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45 Central Street


07841 437951

About me

I am a full time professional life coach specialising in the mindfulness approach.

To enable you to achieve your goals and dreams I will coach you in the principles behind a modern practical approach to mindfulness that will enable you to be the best you can in relationships, business enterprises, and general wellbeing.

My specialism is in providing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) coaching for company owners and their teams.

Although I've practiced in various therapy and coaching methods for many years, I've personally found that by using the latest scientifically proven mindfulness practices we can quickly become aware of how our mind/body system really works. The Mindfulness in Eight Weeks course has changed my life and business practice and now I can provide my clients with mindful practice sessions underpinned by a deep applied understanding of psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, hypnosis, and the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

I am trained, qualified, certified and insured in all these various modes of coaching.

How do I work with clients?

  • One-to-one coaching which is session based, face to face or via Skype or phone.
  • Mindfulness taster sessions at various locations for individuals and groups.
  • 8 week practical mindfulness courses in various locations.
  • Group coaching in mindfulness based stress reduction.

I also work personally with clients over a 3,6 or 12 month programmes

Through my organisation, David Cotterill Associates, I have other coaches who are able to assist in other modes of therapy and coaching or in geographical areas where my own services would not be cost effective.

Although I am a full time professional earning my living from coaching I always ensure that my fees are competitive and value for money.

I am based in Billericay and work with clients in Essex and also from rooms at 45 Central Street Clerkenwell London - close to Barbican tube.

How does my coaching help you?

You will find that it is the principles behind practical mindfulness that provide the foundation for inner peace and stability, resilience and confidence.

Not only will I teach you these principles, enabling you to become self-reliant as soon as possible, I will ensure that you have an understanding of how to apply them in real-life practical experiences.

How am I your best choice of a coach who understands your situation and so help you?

Relationships: I have experience of a long marriage, breakup, divorce and re-bound relationships and the problems involved with all members of your family when such situations arise. I have created a specialised service for love rebound situations.

Spirituality: I've been involved in organised religions and studied spiritual truths, such as Christianity, buddhism, self-awareness etc and have also been involved with spiritual teachings such as "The Secret", "Zero Limits" and Ho-oponopono, and the like. I am aware of issues that can arise from being involved with organised religious activity and I balance this by teaching spiritual freedom.

Executive & Professional: I have been in business since 1972 working for corporations, self employed, consulting, coaching and managing people from all walks of life.

How does my coaching style specifically help in relationships, spirituality and business?

The core understanding at the centre of my work is that a clear mind is our natural state, and there's nothing we need to do to clear it; that our misguided attempts to clear the mind often result in more of what was clouding them in the first place.

The secret of successful life coaching is in developing and expanding the part of our mind that manages the "processing" or "thinking" part of the mind that has become overloaded or overwhelmed, causing stress, anxiety and confusion.

II essence, I can help you use your "thinking equipment" properly.

A lot of life coaching will tell you what and how to think and do in order to have the results you desire.

Most life coaching approaches also offer “additive” advice (such as tips, techniques and concepts for you to remember, practice and apply) but the principles behind practical mindfulness are ruthlessly subtractive, making life much more enjoyable, despite your circumstances.

Understanding these principles takes things off your mind rather than giving you more to think about.

The promises of wellbeing, creativity, better performance and bigger results are underpinned by something that's there for all of us: the discovery of where your experience of life arises from, and who your real self is and how to operate from that place of contentment.

Practical mindfulness is a wonderful way of training the brain/body/mind to co-operate with our moment to moment emotional states that arise from any of our life situations.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have over 10 years experience in coaching, a full time coach and therapist since 2011.

I'm a fully qualified and insured Life Coach (and qualified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist) and I am also registered and affiliated with several professional organisations to ensure you get the most up to date and appropriate help and support.

  • Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy (CCTS, London)
  • Master NLP Practitioner (NLP Life and Paul McKenna Training)
  • Certified Three Principles (Clarity) Coach and Trainer (Clarity - Jamie Smart Ltd)
  • Diploma in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (Centre of Excellence Online)
  • Certified in Understanding Human behaviour (Uncommon Knowledge)
  • Course attended in Mindfulness Based Stress reduction (Open Mind Life with Michael Chaskalson).

Case Studies & Client Comments:

Case Study 1 – Integrative Life Coaching Programme

Client AP was a senior executive with responsibility for major strategic programming.  He came to see me during a time of upheaval in his personal life, which were affecting his work-life.  Following completion of the programme he told me, "The ten sessions of coaching with David saw me through a difficult period of change in my personal and work life. It helped me move forward with a positive plan of action, which has made me feel stronger, happier and more confident in life. I would recommend David's life coaching to anyone going through difficult times or just seeking a change of directions in life".

Case Study 2 – Business Coaching Expansion Masterclass

The Masterclass was to encourage delegates to explore what holds them back from achieving their goals.  This event, specifically for therapists, held over a half day, allowed me to work one-to-one with each delegate whilst the other attendees were able to observe and learn my techniques to help them in their own practices.  This benefits all the delegates and creates an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement.

Here is some of the feedback from the delegates:

“The event made me focus on my goals for success and looking five years ahead clarified what I had already begun visioning. I was familiar with some of the techniques but it was good to be challenged around the area of success “

“Helped to overcome social networking phobia".

"Gained confidence to attend future events to promote service and generate referrals".

"Effective relaxation technique for self and timeline work could be useful for developing short-term work with referrals”.

“I feel an emotional blockage was released that allows me another step now towards standing more in my power to attract increasing business and wealth”.

“It was very interesting for me to be asked how I see myself in the future and to try to observe very  honestly my own thought process to the asked questions, so it did help me to see what I really want out of life”.

I run Business Expansion Masterclass events to help aspiring business people achieve their goals and ambitions.

Case Study 3 - Career Coaching

Client “C” was stuck in a dead end job and lacking personal confidence. We spent time together working on her confidence and career strategy and as a result of changing her beliefs about her capabilities “C” was able to change her career to follow what she really wanted to do, helping people in the beauty and aesthetics industry.  Here’s her “thank you” message:

“I wanted to let you know, David, that I am so happy compared to how I used to feel and that is all due to your help, support and therapy as I really am a different person now much stronger and more confident. I think the fact I have some clients now and I am also doing well in sales has been a massive step forward to me after the bullying and the mundane daily routine of the NHS. If it wasn't for you I really feel I would still be stuck there so thank you so much.”

As “C” found out, we all have the capability within us to achieve our deepest desires.  This quote, “If the only thing we do is stop being afraid of our experience, we can change our lives forever” is attributed to Syd Banks, author of “The Enlightened Gardener” and “Second Chance”.  I have found that for many of my clients, once they are free from their own limitations new possibilities open up for them to pursue their dreams.

Case Study 4 – NLP Coaching

Many people have heard of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) and some have experienced the power of this method of understanding how our brains and bodies create habitual behaviours which can be very useful but can also maintain behaviours which are no longer useful or appropriate.  I use NLP as required to achieve the results my clients need.

Client, J from Essex, was in a state of confusion and stress over life direction and relationship. After some hypnotherapy and NLP around finding the right direction for life at that time she reported:

"David provided a very relaxed but professional approach which made me feel at ease. His coaching helped me to think more clearly about critical decisions in my life and he taught me hypnotic techniques to build my confidence and manage my emotions. He gave me the awareness and tools to think for myself. The balance was just right and he was able to adjust his methods to what was required at the time".

"SJ" a Skype client from London & Hong Kong:
"David taught me how to quickly relax and focus so I was able to deal with a recent break up and relocation. His techniques helped me to deal with acceptance and paved the way for a much clearer mindset - vital to ensure a successful relocation. His personal style of coaching helped me to realise my strengths and find a positive outcome that was right for me."

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Mindfulness Workshops
  • Mindfulness Courses
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Dating
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Self-esteem
  • Separation
  • Love
  • Three principles
  • Clarity
  • Results
  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Life
  • Housing
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Ups
  • Development
  • Estate Agency
  • Real Estate
  • Mindfulness
  • 3 Principles
  • Innate Health
  • Innate wellbeing

Photos & videos

  • David Cotterill Associates
  • stress-no-more.com
  • Love-rebound


My normal life coaching fees for personal and professional work are simply time based with a typical session being 60 or 90 minutes, but I prefer to work on package programmes over 3-12 months.

In Essex:

Personal life coaching £1 per minute (e.g. 60 minutes £60, 90 minutes £90).
(This applies when you pay me directly for confidential life coaching outside of a business/work context)

Professional & Business coaching £2 per minute (e.g. 60 minutes £120, 90 minutes £180)
(This is when I'm helping you to also improve your professional life or business and the company is paying or costs are an expense covered through your own business).

In London:

All coaching is £2.50 per minute (e.g. 60 minutes £150, 90 Minutes £225 (with discounts for pre-payment)

Coaching Packages by agreement, fixed fee, pre-pay or pay-as-you-go.
(For example, "Love-Rebound" coaching over 6 months on a pay as you go or pre-pay discount)

Group coaching by arrangement e.g. Mindfulness 8 Week courses in Essex £20 per week with pre-pay discount.

Look at my website for details of upcoming mindfulness courses.

I'm happy to discuss arrangements to suit you, where I can.

Further information

I have provided Coaching, Therapy and Training for the following organisations/well-being centres:

Ford Motor Company Dunton Essex UK
Ashford's Solicitors London UK
CHP Chelmsford Essex UK
CLT (Central Legal Training)
Birkbeck University London
Upminster Sanctuary Upminster Essex
Exeter Mind and Body Clinic
Homedale Health Exeter
SDS Cranleigh Surrey UK
Women in Social Housing UK
Glow Health & Beauty Upminster Essex
PJ Naylor Docklands London UK

Also I have provided over 500 hours of personal therapy and coaching.

London, EC1V 8AB
Billericay, CM12

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


I'm available in London and Billericay area in Essex for new client enquiries. Full session and taster appointments can be face to face or via Skype. Please call or text me on 07841 437951.

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