Deliver your passion project - 4 week course

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Fixed Price £360 - 20% Deposit, balance payable after 4 session when you're happy with the outcome.
The North Colchester Business Centre, 340 The Crescent, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9AD

The 4 week passion project course

Most creative professionals have a dream project they know would change their lives but just haven’t found the time to bring to reality. It might be a new venture, a service or a product, such as a book, or a workshop. With this course you will not start or complete your passion project in four weeks and you get a bonus because during the process you will learn the secret of how to recalibrate your internal voice from that annoying default critical negative to a positive, like having a inner coach - in other words, your self-talk will change from “I wish I could" to "I know I can!”

How does the course work?

We will have four powerful 90 minute conversations, that’s just 360 minutes of your time to create your breakthrough. Your investment is £1 a minute. You only pay a 20% deposit, the balance on completion of the course. What do you have to lose? 

Contact me for T&C's and more details.

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Hosted by David Cotterill

David Cotterill is a full time life coach and mentor specialising in the 'three principles' paradigm, having been coaching and facilitating change for clients and corporate groups for over 10 years.

Hosted by David Cotterill