Why relationship coaching beats Tinder!

2017 isn’t easy for many, many reasons.

One of those reasons is the unassuming damage of the Tinder generation.

We are the first generation of people that have the option of picking a potential life partner from a mini police line up of hundreds and thousands - all from that little screen on our phones.

Used mainly by people that genuinely want to find a deep connection with someone (even though most wouldn’t admit to that), on the whole Tinder does quite the opposite.

So then the City of London and the rest of the world just carry on as they are - almost accepting those meaningful relationships are just too hard to find - almost submitting to the idea of flat sharing right into your late 30’s and only fantasising about true love when watching The Notebook. 

What is missing? What is causing the Tinder generation so much heartache?

It doesn’t seem clear and it doesn’t make itself known to us. 

The answer is values and beliefs.

Values and beliefs have been substituted for speed, convenience and choice. 

Values and beliefs are natures true sounding board of which past generations have used to build a life with the one they love.

Values and beliefs are the reason why relationship coaching beats Tinder.

Discovering another person’s values and beliefs can only come through conversation and dedication. Conversation face to face with actual words (not digital text). But that's difficult and intimidating to the Tinder generation - plus the idea of dedication takes far too much time and effort.

This has become a problem for us - instant access to information has given us tiny attention spans and the desire for instant access to EVERYTHING, including love. 

Relationship coaching is about understanding how we are hardwired.

What makes us tick? What do we want in love? How best can we communicate that to a potential parter? Where do we find it!?

Relationship coaching can help you reverse the negative effects of the Tinder generation - because even if you’ve never used the app itself you are still part of the generation that wants instant gratification. 

Nature will tell you that instant gratification and true, long lasting love don’t mix. 

So, if genuine love is what you seek then you must first look within yourself and explore your own values. Explore your own beliefs. 

Start to truly understand how your body and your mind process the millions of pieces of information that you experience via your five sense on a daily basis. 

Learn to understand how this affects your search for love, your search for a meaningful connection and your search for ‘the one’. 

The journey to understand who you really are and what you really value is a complicated and rocky road. Work with an expert relationship coach today to help you navigate the terrain and ultimately get you to your destination of genuine love, trust and partnership. 

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