What is your mission, your life purpose?

You will likely only realise this after years of your own life experience although you could have clues from birth and childhood where you enjoyed playing certain games or undertaking specific activities. For example, dancing, music, arts, analysing or making things, taking things apart to see how they work or making helpful tools to do a job, using and choosing the toys and games that gave you pleasure and satisfaction.


It may be that you didn’t follow this path initially or did but haven’t realised it yet as your purpose and mission in your life. 

My mission and purpose for setting up my business initially in counselling, closely followed by coaching when I realised that was my calling, if you like, more encouraging the doing than simply listening and reflecting but learning that is a powerful tool as well - was to help people, help the world be happier and healthier in mind, body and soul. 

To this end, I have developed my support services in employment to a self-employed business eventually leading to mindset management – consciously with coaching and the unconscious work through NLP techniques and hypnotherapy. 

This career didn't take shape until a 'life event' changed my world, my outlook, and my life path and I consciously decided to explore my new options and discovered new opportunities that I didn't realise before. I have also recognised that ‘supporting people to be their best selves’ is what I do and do best from supporting business directors and a personal secretary, to managing small teams and services to larger ones and then discovering coaching in and outside employment that changed my life and led me to want to change others lives positively for them too.

I am an avid supporter and believer in people – you – being your own best advocates in all areas of your life and work. In finding your answers within and exploring options and opportunities outside yourself to meet your needs, tendencies, talents and desires.

I am not a fatalist and I don’t believe life is ordained to follow a certain path so you don’t have to try and work at it. I am a believer that life throws options your way and opportunities you need to be ready to accept or to create for yourself! Hence the coaching rather than counselling over the years, as a manager, pushing my team gently but firmly to explore their own potential and for ourselves as a team and service providers.

I do that now in my business. Coaching others to do more, try more, be more.

I work with the most powerful unconscious mind too, that stores untold power and opportunity – for you.   

It holds a lifetime of experience, natural talents and tendencies, strengths and ideas that it is your conscious job to unearth, develop and grow to something purposeful and socially helpful! We all have a purpose and each community takes from each person something they have to give for the benefit of all.

What is your purpose and mission?

Let me help you help yourself to find it. It's within you and always has been, it just takes a lifetime to hone it and work on it. So you never stop learning, you never stop moving, you never stop dreaming!

Coaching is a process of questioning to find the answers you have inside of you to meet your needs and your dreams.

NLP is the opportunity to learn more about you and what you have to offer, and how you can use it effectively to meet your needs – language and communication, simple but powerful techniques, and self-awareness that you can use to help leverage your options and build relationships that work for you.

Hypnotherapy helps you to work with yourself unconsciously to find the inner depths of your knowledge and understanding – from the world and generally, as a person, and for your unique self and your purpose, needs, values and expectations to take forward

These all lead to mindset management beginning with an understanding of your Self as a person – emotional intelligence, self-awareness, talents and tendencies, direction and purpose and why people do and don’t do what they do – and don’t do when it would help them!

Then you can learn more about you and your needs in order to meet them. Your values you live by already can then help you make more informed choices and effective decisions to move you onwards and upwards in your life.

You will find tools, tips and techniques that you can use today and tomorrow and years to come from just a few weeks of coaching that will include NLP and hypnosis options where and if appropriate to your needs and wishes.

  • What do you dream of being and becoming?
  • Who do you need to be and what resources are required to become that person, to self-actualise into the person you could be if you choose to be?
  • What do you need to know, develop, build and create in order to feel fulfilled, purposeful, happy and content in living your life day to day?

Work, lifestyle, relationships, solutions to your problems, new resources you build into a toolbox to live life on your terms. To create a success story where you achieve your goals and live your dreams year after year, pivoting ideas and career, your purpose and direction are clear to you and your opportunities unbounded for you to prepare to take up as you grow into your Self and your life!

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ
Written by Julie Crowley, MBACP | Personal Development Coach | Registered Counsellor
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ

Julie provides Mindset Coaching, NLP or Hypnosis work with your conscious & unconscious mind to Change your mind, Change your life. Coaching helps you to find & know yourself - utilise your natural talents & tendencies for success, find options and prepare for opportunities, create more with enhanced relationships and clear communication.

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All coaches are verified professionals