What I know for sure

On my journey of personal growth, I came to realise some important things which kept showing up for me again and again through various teachers, mentors and books that 'arrived' in my life. Here, I will share my favourite ones. However, one of my best tips is to laugh every day; laughter really is the best medicine and it makes you feel so good!


Life is short

Death will happen to us all. Be mindful and hear this amazing quote from my mentor... "When death finds me, she will find me living my best life". Death is not the greatest tragedy, the greatest tragedy is to die with our dreams and music still in us, with your dreams and goals unfulfilled, laying dormant while you are alive and healthy.

Live your life today full out. Never be afraid of taking positive action, life is short. We never know when we will take our last step or live our last day.

So, in these times especially, let's remember to be bold, be courageous and be scared to live an average life of mediocrity. Always take the next step towards an expanded future and if you fail? Get up; change course and go again!

Every challenge is a learning and fortune favours the bold.

Invest your heart and soul into what sparks the fire into the core of your being. Bring excitement and passion into the seemingly insignificant, ordinary moments. You truly don't need to be surrounded by lots of people or experience new environments. Just work with what you already have, engage wholeheartedly with a definite purpose, take a big breath and a passionate leap into an expanded future. 

Live every day to the fullest!

Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable, necessary and isn't always glaringly obvious. Sometimes it sneaks in the back door unnoticed. Change is always worthwhile, it forces growth and expansion.

Sometimes change is so large it knocks us sideways and it takes a lot for us to calm the chaos, and to notice the gifts in the storm. At the time we may not always see it, but change is always for the good and better in our lives.

Change happens often and at times quite spontaneously, from calm to chaos; what you have today you may not have tomorrow. Circumstances and people come and go. Life keeps ever moving and stops for no man. Sometimes our whole direction can change completely in a split second. The tiniest decision can rock our world and change our path in an instant. An unpredictable event can literally turn our whole world on its head.

One of my favourite sayings is "This too shall pass." This is one thing we can count on 100%. Whether a situation is good or bad- it will change.

The one way I cope with change is to realise I'm right where I need to be in this moment, to breathe through it and know that every challenge will grow me and I will learn from it.

When it's meant to be; it'll come. When I've learned it'll go. Just to go with the flow. Life is happening for us, not to us.

Keep a good attitude, be courageous and remember to let go of what cannot be changed. When you cannot change a situation, seek for ways in which to change yourself. 

Ultimately, be the change you wish to see in the world!

Release blame

When you blame others it's a long road; when you blame yourself, you're halfway there; when there is no blame you've arrived.

Blame and judgement are all about the self; complaining, suffering, doubt, expectation, indecision, poverty, disconnection, fear and loss.

If you judge, expect to be judged. If you blame, expect to be blamed.

Always remember, every human is valuable. Refrain from attacking by keeping self-control and not reacting.

When someone else gives an unwelcome opinion, see it as feedback. It is their filter, we must choose to observe. Because through judgement and blame, we separate and divide. Try to understand the other person because we all have our own map of the world.

If I cannot see out of their 'window', stand in their shoes or see through their glasses then no matter what I say in blame or judgement, they will never see my perception. Then we cannot build a connection, gain rapport or gain a true understanding of what they're expressing.

We nurture and build harmonious relationships by detaching emotionally and understanding the way the other person views the situation, this way they will feel compassion towards your story.

Rapport is gained once someone trusts you and their guard comes down. People only ever react out of fear. 

Forgive, forgive and forgive some more!

Storms come

Tough times are like storms. They take us by surprise, they hold us from places we thought we were headed. They tear down your ego so that in the aftermath you are able to see yourself as you really are and not who you might like yourself to be.

Once you realise you are here to weather the storms, to use time and to sacrifice your heart, you realise you need to be bruised by life.

By the storms, you become hurt, rejected or betrayed. You need to feel it to heal it... then you will take a moment to sit quietly in your thoughts, be grateful for the good times, the sweet memories and the lessons you learned. To let go of expectations and live in the now.

Remember that life is amazing, pick yourself up and prepare for the next adventure, for to never have a challenge would be to never expand. It's great to remain comfortable, but the soul cannot expand without growth.

When one door closes a better one always opens. After the darkest storms, you discover your own light, this is the light that shines towards a brighter future.

Acceptance, allowing and letting go is the only way

Open mind, open heart

Life is a gift. Remain aware and live in the now. Allow what wants to come and let go of what needs to leave. Follow your intuition, that gut feeling for it is always right. Life is about the journey, not the destination. So embrace it all; the highs and lows.

Breathe deeply, lift your head high, smile and carry on. Love and appreciate every moment, appreciate your own freedom. Open your wings and fly, be the very best version of you that you can be, each and every day. Some of the greatest things that happen to you will be the ones you never expected or probably thought you wanted.

We never know what is around the corner. Keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams and allow life to unfold for you. When you look back over the hard times you may think 'Wow, How did I get through that?'. I know I did this more than once and I know there is always going to be more surprises along the way.

Live for the moment. We only ever have now.

Love fiercely, be grateful and forgive generously!

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Gillingham, Kent, ME8
Written by Melanie Smith, Experienced Relationship Coach | NLP Master Practitioner
Gillingham, Kent, ME8

Hello I'm Melanie, a Relationship Coach and NLP Master Practitioner working with individuals, couples and families who are experiencing relationship problems, communication issues, low confidence and low self-esteem.  My area of expertise is around building happy relationships with a partner, c...

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