We All Need Stress

Well, what is stress?

Interesting question, because we all need stress - it pushes us to achieve, and to create. It makes sure we do things right and we do things well. Some people thrive on stress, it makes them successful, it can make them famous, or rich.

Imagine a measuring jug. This jug fills up with stress as we go through our daily lives. But when the jug is full and starts to overflow, we hit both physical and mental issues.

One way to control that measuring jug is to remove stress in positive ways such as exercise, meditation, hobbies, developing a strong friend and family support network, having a religious or spiritual belief, volunteering and charity involvement, yoga, and so on.

Some negative behaviours can temporarily control stress such as alcohol, drugs, eating, smoking and so on, but their effect is temporary and can actually add to stress later on in life.

It is a medical fact that stress is magnified by lack of sleep, working long hours, working at night, not taking breaks at work and not taking holidays.

Certain situations or events are stressful, such as moving house, getting married and redundancy.

The problem is that our own personal measuring jugs are different sizes. Some people can get over stressed very easily. Others seem to be able to go on forever. What we can do though, is keep emptying our stress jug by taking positive action.

If you find that you can't seem to empty your stress jug with additional support, make an appointment with a professional coach. With them you can work on emptying your stress jug and keeping it that way for the long-term.   

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