Top tips to stay focussed on your goals

Life is a journey, not an endpoint, but without having a direction or something steering us it can feel very uncertain and like we’re in choppy waters. 


It’s OK for your goals to change regularly and I don’t adhere to the belief that we should stick with goals no matter what. However, without committing to taking action and showing up it’s very unlikely that any of your goals will be achieved. And I am a big advocate of achieving goals that you decide to set for yourself – they are a great way to build self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence – plus achieving goals will result in loads of learning along the way. 

Even still it can be really challenging to stay on course (a coach can help with this). Even if we really want to achieve something we can feel stuck, procrastinate or just give up.

Note: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dropping goals in fact I think that it is a really powerful thing to do (as long as we’re comfortable and content to drop the goal and as long as we think it’s the right thing to do!).

So, with that in mind, here are some helpful pointers that will keep your attention focused on achieving any goal that you put your mind to.

Remember our brains naturally are loss-averse

Our brains worry about change and they want to protect us so they focus on trying to prevent us from losing. Write out all the possible risks before making a decision on when and how to quit. Then see if you can work out what you’ll gain if that “risk” comes true. If you can’t reframe a positive that’s ok. 

Key point: Don’t quit without considering that your brain is operating off fear or negativity bias. 

When faced with an obstacle tap into creativity

One thing that can work really well is blue ocean thinking. Take a look at how others might resolve your situation and meet your goal and then see if you can find different ways instead. Basically, you want to find and then challenge the assumptions that others work with. This can be very freeing and can also help you find your competitive advantage. 

Key point: There is usually way through an obstacle you just need to think a little differently and recognise your unique offer. Note: coaches can be great allies in helping you do this. 

Setting key actions you can do consistently drives long-term success

When designing how to reach your goals, focus on things you can do consistently and regularly. Small steps every day. Ideally steps you enjoy too. This is what reaps rewards. 

Key point: It might be tempting to go all out on a call but that level on intensity isn’t sustainable. Sure you can do it on occasion but don’t hold this as a standard for yourself. 

Ask yourself “what are the consequences?”

If you find yourself starting to stray off track or stall you can ask yourself what do I stand to gain if I achieve this and then what do you stand to loose? Painting those two stark pictures in your mind can help you regain focus. 

Ask for help and advice

It’s ok to say you don’t know something and ask for help. If we don’t accept what we don’t know or we feel ashamed of what we don’t know we won’t be able to learn. If someone scoffs or judges you for doing so they’re a poor teacher and the request has triggered something in them. It’s not about you! So reach out, ask a way and you never know what else you might learn!

Key point: We learn from and through others and so it’s often necessary to share what we don’t know with others to learn. So go for it. Ask away!

If after reading this you want help figuring out your goals, how to achieve them or want help focussing on them then drop me a message.

If I don’t hear from you, good luck and keep going!

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Written by Rebecca Cockayne, BA. (Oxon), MSc, GDL | Delphi Coaching
London SW1V & NW1

Bex is a coach who loves journeys. She's done a lot and has been on many internal and external ones. She loves to help people long their path too.

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