Ready for career change - How do you know?

The first telltale sign…

You’re having the Sunday night feeling on a Friday night! Yes, this does happen; I remember those days only too well, so don’t worry you are not alone in this feeling. Just take it as a big, loud, brash neon sign that you need to do something about your career. Take action on change, however small that action may be. Update your CV and your LinkedIn profile, and consider booking a consultation with a career coach - what have you got to lose

You’re desperately trawling job sites or your company's internal job posts. Fruitlessly. No jobs ignite your passion or even get you remotely excited. Unfortunately job sites are always our first port of call when searching for a change of career. Only this is the least productive way of establishing the best career change for you, as you’re desperately trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, i.e. you’re desperately matching careers with your skills rather than thinking about your strengths and skills first. Spend that time more productively; thinking and reflecting on YOU rather than the job market. The latter will come in time and will fall into place more readily when you’re ready.

You feel like you’re going round and round in circles ‘what career is right for me?’ ‘what can i do?’ ‘what am I good at…?’ You spend way too much time wondering and thinking what career will fulfil you, make you happy...whilst earning the money you so rightly deserve. This whole process can go on for days, months, even years.

Put yourself (and friends and family) out of misery. Take control of your situation and book a consultation with a coach - the whole process will lift a huge weight from your shoulders and have you on track for gaining the answers to your dream career change.

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Birmingham, West Midlands, B72 1HP

Written by Clare Whalley, Meta4 Business Coaching

Birmingham, West Midlands, B72 1HP

Clare Whalley is a Life & Business Coach and has been running Meta4 Coaching & Training Solutions since 2007. Clare used to work for a major telecommunications company and resigned in 2007 (after she saw a Life Coach) to set up her own Coaching and Training Business and has never looked back! You can find out more

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