Questions and tools to help you explore your purpose

What is it that makes one wake up in the morning and do what they do, and do it with passion and a sense of meaning and purpose?


Do you have a job or role which fulfils you or do you live a life waiting for the weekend or your next holiday?

Do you sense there is more to you than what you are living? Are you looking to find your purpose or live a life with more meaning but not sure where to start? Well, you can start here. Grab a pen and paper – I have questions that may spark inspiration and ignite something within.

I believe each of us has a purpose or ‘calling’ that empowers us to make a difference, and when discovered, that’s when we fully understand who we are, why we are here and can awaken inner creativity and untapped potential. This is when we start to be the best version of ourselves and live the highest version of life we can. 

Knowing your purpose, and living it, can keep you alive and motivated. Living with a greater sense of purpose gives you a big-picture view of life, you are more congruent and powerful and you have an inner satisfaction which others may not understand. Here are a few questions (in no order, but in three phases of life), I use in my coaching sessions to explore purpose, passion, philanthropy and professional vocations. You may find these helpful as you explore this for yourself.

The beginning

  • What was I always interested in when I was young?
  • Deeply, what did I always think about doing or becoming?
  • What was I naturally good at?
  • What dream, goal or ambition did I have that is dormant?
  • What was expected from me and how has that influenced my decisions today?

The present

  • What gifts and talents/strengths do I have where I thrive when I use them?
  • Why did I do what I am doing now?
  • What does purpose even mean to me? What does it look like to live my purpose?
  • What do I thoroughly enjoy doing that makes me feel alive and does not feel like work?
  • What do others consistently say I do well? Why?
  • If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I do?
  • What would I like to do that makes a difference? Why?

The future

  • What do I want for this world or the people I love most?
  • What would be my dream/ideal vocation? Why?
  • What would be my final message/gift to the world/friends, family, society…?
  • Who and what do I want to be remembered for?
  • What is my purpose? What else do I need to ask myself to find it?

Find the pattern, the connections and the themes. What do you ultimately want to do going forward? How do you want this to look? Keep writing until something drops in your spirit and soul. This usually follows with some emotion.

Your purpose may not be directly linked with your everyday job and your purpose may not be linked with what your friends/family have said about you, but it may be. It’s up to you to go on a journey of discovery and find out who you are and what you are here for. Your purpose may be right under your nose in your everyday living or maybe the absolute opposite or unthinkable thing. The key is to search. I also suggest starting with why?

Tools that can be useful:

IKIGAI, Johari Window, DISC and BAI (Behavioural Attitudes Index) Values Analysis.

Stepping into your purpose will open doors for you, will align with your values, will give you confidence without ego, and, will help you live an authentic life.

Happy exploring!

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High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10
Written by Neelam Challoner, PGCE, Dip, MAC Master Coach (Life, Business, Performance)
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP10

Neelam Challoner is a multi-award winning Coach and creator of "Authentic You", a 10 step e-coaching program for women. Neelam is on a mission coaching ambitious women who want to do great things in this world, are ready for a change and want confidence and courage to do it.

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