Must we have a passion to be complete?

My take on passion is to assist you in uncovering your potential, and exploring what you believe is missing both personally and professionally.


A measure of yourself isn’t necessarily identity, it’s how you perceive yourself and the world around you. What may be a passion for one will not be the same passion for another. Where does it state that we "must" have a passion in life otherwise we are not complete?

What does passion even mean? Isn’t it better to say we have desires, wishes or dreams, rather than passions?

Uncovering dreams and potential

When do we even know we have found our passion? It may come by chance. It depends on how many opportunities you grasp in life, because if you keep doing the same thing every day and telling yourself the same stuff, how will you ever be able to do anything differently and know what you really love?

That may keep you stuck. So, exploring yourself, what you desire, what you dream of, what you would love to do, and who you would love to be, will help you to really get a deep understanding of yourself. That’s a lot more powerful than saying to someone, "I know what my passion is" because we may go through life without ever using that word. 

I found a passion (if that’s what it could be) quite by chance. Perhaps it was my destiny, but who knows because it was never something I ever thought about doing. It came to me by chance and perhaps it was mapped out in my life for a reason. As the saying goes "some things happen for a reason", so perhaps, and maybe that "something" has not happened to you yet!

Coaching and self-discovery

If you're on a journey to unearth your passion, breathe life into your dreams, discover your interests, and delve into your desires, but find yourself standing at the crossroads of uncertainty, coaching can help guide you through this transformative process.

If you're looking to explore further, I can be a compass as you embark on a voyage of self-discovery. Together, we will navigate uncharted territories, igniting the sparks that set your path ablaze. Through the art of exploration, we'll chart a course that leads to the heart of your identity and the depths of your core values. Imagine crafting an identity map or painting a vivid vision board where the mosaic of your authentic self emerges.

When you create an image of your thoughts and dreams, it's like a puzzle coming apart and showing the real you. It's like a light shining on what makes you special.

Think about it like this, every colour and every stroke you use to make your picture shows who you are inside. It's like a dance between what you hope for and what makes you who you are. When your beliefs match who you are at your core, you suddenly understand what you really want and wish for.

Think of your beliefs as a guide that helps you find what truly feels right in your heart. When things line up this way, you start to figure out what you want in life. You not only find what you want but also what makes your spirit feel happy and alive.

This journey isn't only about finding one big thing you're passionate about. It's about discovering all the amazing things inside you. It's about waking up dreams you might have forgotten, growing interests that are just starting, and getting to know yourself in a way that makes you feel real and happy. And as we go on this journey together, you'll see that the destination is not just one place, but a path you follow – a path to discover who you are, feel strong, and find what truly makes you happy.

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Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5LU
Written by Recognising Change, Life Coach/ADHD Coach/Hypnotherapy
Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5LU

I have a strong sense of empathy and a mission to support others through my own life journey and experiences. I feel a deep understandstanding and connection with others, I will provide you with valuable sources of comfort and guidance. You will get the BEST of me so I can see the BEST of YOU! let me help you discover happiness.

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