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How we show up in life is determined by how we feel about ourselves. How we perceive ourselves and what we believe we are capable of. What abilities we believe we have and how we use those abilities to excel in life. To help us to understand oneself, we must trust oneself, look deep within and embrace what we have, with both the inner and outer resources to help us achieve a successful, meaningful, content and fulfilled life. 


Believing  in you will allow you to go forth in life, not letting anything get in your way. Keeping closed doors or high walls will not allow you to open those doors or climb those walls. Having a low opinion or low self-worth, believing you cannot be the best version of yourself, will stop you achieving what others may think possible.

Others can encourage and support you and in some cases guide you but you must be open to allow the good things into your life. You must accept those good things knowing that you are worthy of accepting them and that you are here for a reason and that reason is...up to you. What do you want that reason to be? 

Perhaps you want to be a singer or an actor, or you want to stack shelves in Sainsburys, or you want to become a politician, or work as a checkout person. That is your choice and we all have them. 

Choices – you can believe in you or not, that is your choice. 

There is a saying “what we think, we become” so to ensure you get the best from life, make those thoughts good thoughts!

The more you believe in your abilities the more success you will have. Do not let anything stand in your way. Go forth, do not let the past determine your future. The past is exactly that for a reason. It's past, done, dusted and now you must go forward.

If you dwell on the past, each day that passes will be a lost opportunity for something that you could have done. 

Life is short, we must grab each opportunity with both hands. A lack of faith in ourselves will keep us “stuck” and what will it bring us? 

Lets look at your life now? How is your life? How was your life? How do you perceive yourself? How do you want your life to look? How do you show up in life?

How will you reach a place where your life is fulfilled, content and happy?

Only you have the answers within and you are the author of your life. You could write a story of how you want your life to look. How do you get there? What do you do? How do you do it? Write a plan, determine what it is you want and pull out every stop to make that story a reality. We are all capable of being whoever we want to be. Happiness wont land in our lap, we have got to go and seek it out. We all have different ideas of happiness.

The attitude that you show up with will tell a good story of who you are, your energy can light up a room but your negativity can turn off the lights. So what's it to be?

Motivation is another key factor, as is passion. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had a job that motivated us and filled us with passion. Unfortunately most of us have jobs that “pay the bills” and, if we are lucky enough, have a little left over saved for a rainy day. So how do you find that job that gives you motivation and passion?

Don’t dream it, find the doors that need opening, jump those walls that you thought were too high and believe you have the ability to achieve what you want.

Find a way, don’t make excuses, you are only lying to yourself, don’t procrastinate, adapt to change, make decisions, make plans, set goals, realise dreams and talk to yourself with kindness, compassion, love and gratitude. 

Remember, be careful of that “self talk” because you are listening to yourself. The more you listen, the more that negative self talk becomes a reality and it gets embedded into your life. You can find yourself becoming exactly what you are telling yourself. So instead of negative self talk, change that into positive and watch those, what you thought were “far fetched dreams”, become realities.

We can change the way we see ourselves if we continue with negative self talk. We set ourself an image which is generally untrue and there is normally no evidence associated with it.

Believe in the power of you. Believe you have the ability and know that any choices are your choices.

No-one can mend you, fix you or realise your dreams. You are enough, you were always enough. You can achieve great things in life.

The more you believe in you, the more you will succeed.

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Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5LU
Written by Recognising Change, Life Coach/ADHD Coach/Hypnotherapy
Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5LU

Kim - my crazy life full of love, fun and laughter - I love to party and enjoy this ONE life that we have. It has always been my mission to bring joy to others. I so dislike what goes on in the world, its almost personal to me! I am all about supporting others to find their happy becuse that makes me happy :)

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