Our desire to be a different body shape to that we already possess is one of the obsessions of the age and most of us are subject to this at some time or other.

But let us be honest, we all know what needs to be done and unless we are subject to a medical condition we know that it could not be simpler: eat less and be more active. But it is clearly not that simple. We want to improve our fitness, we know how to go about it and yet we struggle. So clearly there must be another dynamic involved.

This dynamic is in our motivation for wanting to diet: we are not doing it for the right reasons; we are not doing it for our reasons.  We are pressured by our perception of what other people think of us; by how we believe we ‘should’ look, and through trying to live up to the body image society thrusts before us through marketing and in the media.

Through life coaching we are able to bring into sharp focus a client’s own motivations which will provide the lasting shift in thinking and habits that will make yoyo diets a thing of the past.  In short, a coached healthy lifestyle program will focus on:

Helping to establish realistic goals that reflect innermost desires. A step by step plan to achieve a client’s goals Clearing the mind so that the thought process becomes less cluttered so that temptations can be observed, understood and diminished The total removal of guilt and the self esteem issues that come with it. An overall positive attitude to the journey and acceptance of setbacks as a basis for continual forward momentum and not a reason for back sliding. The client’s full ownership of the journey and ultimately of the success it will bring

The challenge of successful lifestyle change has, in fact, far less to do with our actions than with our attitudes and that is where the real weight lies.  The way we think affects our attitudes; our attitudes influence our actions; and our actions determine the direction our lives take. By focusing on the inner challenges we can achieve a real and lasting shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3

Written by Alan Keyse

Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3

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