Is it possible to live a totally balanced life?

I've found myself being asked this question recently, and my honest answer is......


The reason I say this is because for most people that ask, they are asking because they want to fit everything into their lives in equal proportion:

Spend time with their family/partner

Read the latest books/see the latest films

Play/watch more sport

Cook more

Etc. etc.

There are ways we can balance our lives much better, by being smarter and more efficient, but I think some problems come from social media, and the portrayed image that we see.

Constant posts and streams show people seeming to live the "dream" - they're never sat still, or doing the boring stuff - but what we don't see is usually one of a few things:

  1. The boring stuff we're not going to be impressed with
  2. The extra stuff that you yourself may need, or want, to do in your daily life that they have decided (either consciously or subconsciously) isn't as important in theirs
  3. The work that's gone into their lives before this point to allow them to live the way they do now

My point is that as well as knowing what we need to do to be successful - we also need to understand and work out what we're willing to sacrifice to reach that point

I think this gets forgotten too often.

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