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Your mind is the emotional and psychological part of you. This is a combination of your thinking mind, emotional mind and your ego, all of which have an impact upon your mental health and well-being.


How they work effectively together is with our thoughts and experience all of which determines our sense of mental balance and self-maintenance. 

As we grow and develop our mind thought experience, it is possible to see the interplay between all our thinking in the creation of our mindset which is a combination of thought and belief. The ego is behind the “I” and “me” phrases in the narrative that we use. Our ego is constructed by our own image of ourselves from our thoughts and conditioning about who we believe that we are:

  • I’m stupid or smart
  • I’m better than you
  • that was stupid of me

Some of these thoughts were derived from childhood experiences at a young and vulnerable age. Not all our thoughts and beliefs mature or have been redefined by our inner knowing that this thought or belief could be inaccurate, or just not serving us. There are certain thoughts that have no truth or value attached, or they are a product of an experience that we need to let go of.
When thoughts of ourselves are overly positive or overly negative we can face challenges, with our mind health balance. By understanding where our thoughts impact us and identifying where they might sit as part of our mature experience can be useful in creating a more balanced mental approach. By observing ego-based thoughts and not engaging into the drama that they can create, we make distance, space for thinking and learning opportunity.

We develop our sense of self as a child, then it can be expected that this sense of self may need to have adjustments as we grow older, our wise mind can support and make adjustments required to our mind well-being. Our wise mind is made up of our experience, it uses both our thinking mind and emotional mind, wise thoughts are more balanced thoughts about who we are. 

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Our emotional mind is the part that holds intense feelings, it's impulsive and acts with a sense of urgency. 

By using our thinking mind awareness of where a thought or emotional attachment originally came from and how it has continued to influence our mindset or behaviour, we can learn and understand how the thoughts that we have either serve us or not.  We can then see the justification for our belief or not, this is our wise mind intelligence at work. We can see ourselves with a greater clarity when we stop to consider how our thoughts impact on our behaviour.

By scanning through the evidence and simply observing our thought, where our thought and belief might have developed, we can work on its value to us.

There are going to be some grey areas that are neither black nor white, these areas are where the wise mind is more equipped. The wise mind sees the bigger picture with greater wisdom, based on our total life experiences developed from a deeper part of our being.

The wise mind makes it possible to determine where our beliefs about our thoughts may have been established and no longer serve us by using a full and deeper breadth of information and knowledge.

The wise mind also gives us an innate and instinctive reaction (a knowing response) to those things that might have no seemingly understandable reasoning attached.
This response of our wise mind thinking, is self-assured and is accompanied with an inner sense of peace that is sometimes referred to as a second sense, an inner knowing of self-awareness giving a powerful sense of reassurance. 
Our thoughts have a great effect upon our emotions and our behaviours. Our mindset is a combination of beliefs and values, that determine how we see ourselves and our place in the world. 

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Your holistic mind (whole thinking) can work with your body in a powerfully connective way in areas that might need attention. Your body responds to the way that you think, feel and behave, which impacts your biological function.

Therefore, developing our self-care through understanding the unique way that your mind has developed throughout your life so far and can continue to work with greater clarity is a valuable journey for holistic functioning as well as mind well-being.
By being aware of these functions and by giving ourselves some space and distance between our thoughts and how we process them. Applying our own internal scan can identify where the thought came from, it is possible to disconnect from the immediacy of the emotional mind or ego. We can then connect to the thinking mind which will help to problem solve by looking at the facts, the truths that exist and the evidence to support those truths. To engage thinking mind and emotional mind is going to bring judgement and discernment that is balanced (the wise mind).

By observing the ego-based mind we can give opportunity to see, think and feel the solution that is most wise. Our innate wise mind has gained experience from many sources during our maturity; however, we do neglect it in that our life, culture and conditioning is often demanding an instant answer or solution.

You engage with your wise mind:

  • when thinking, problem solving, reason and emotion come together
  • by giving space, distance or by deciding to sleep on that thought
  • when we become the observer of our thought or emotion, disengaging from the drama and egoYou look beyond your immediate circumstances, for a deeper truth and understanding
  • when we define the truth (is it really true?) that thought, that narrative that belief?
  • by engaging your innate sense, that sense of inner knowing, judgement and discernment 

Feeling a sense of peace, inner knowing, clarity and confidence about the thought the idea, decision or solution, is the associated assurance of the wise mind. By putting our wise self into our thought process, we can explore our unique experiences and learn to bring greater balance to our mind health.

Wisdom goes beyond the ways we think and feel, it involves discernment it goes deeper it includes our broader thinking, a deeper thinking and inner knowing.

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Written by Hazel Rowell-Peverley, Life Coach HR Consultancy Mentor Supervision and Mediator
Durham, DL17

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