How to rewire your brain for success

When I started my personal development journey, there was one piece of information that got me hooked almost instantly. I am not sure which book it was I was reading; I am sure it was a book about NLP though where I learnt about Reticular activating system. Let me explain. Its main function is to bring into attention what you are focusing on. Let me give you an example here. Let’s say you are thinking of purchasing a new car; you have your eye on the Ford Fiesta. A week later you walk down the street and all you are noticing are Ford Fiestas. You reading a magazine - there it is a picture of Ford Fiesta. You’re watching TV advert and there it is again - Ford Fiesta. All of sudden, you feel like this car is everywhere. What you bring into your focus starts turning up in your way. Isn’t the mind amazing?

Unfortunately it works this way with negatives as well. If you believe you are failure...well, your mind will “go out there” and prove it to you. It’ll search for the evidence to proof your belief is true. 

Not many people know this, and unless you are involved in personal development you won't be aware of this. However, once you do know how can you ignore it? It’s not just knowing - all of sudden you have control right in your hands (or mind for that matter). I still remember learning and feeling such a relief. It meant I could change what I did not like about me. Now that’s some powerful stuff. 

Let me just say with warning: changing the beliefs, rewiring your brain, is not easy. It is process that requires your commitment - but once you do it you won’t regret it. 

Let’s explore what you could do:

#1 Challenge your thoughts

The number one thing you could do for yourself is to start challenging your thoughts! Do you think positive thoughts? Do you usually bring yourself down? Do you constantly doubt and worry? Or are you cheering yourself on? One of the way beliefs are formed is by repetitive thoughts. If you are constantly bringing yourself down, the chances are your whole belief system is set up that way. There's no chance you'll be able to achieve any good things or any kind of success this way. 

It is time for change! Read on and I'll show you it is not that hard! Trust me! 

Start by examining your thoughts. What's going on in your mind when you're not paying attention? Take about a week to do so. Ideally you'd want a journal to keep record of the thoughts that keep popping up. If you are not a big fan of writing, consider using reorder on your phone. Whatever works the best for you. 

You'll soon see that most of the thoughts do repeat! 

When that happens, reflect back - when do these thoughts pop up? Is it before doing the same action, event or certain time of the day? 

I've listened to Tony Robbins audiobook on my phone a couple of days ago He calls the beliefs "lies"; why? Because they are not necessarily the truths as much as we might think they are. Sometimes it turns out they are very much far from the truth. He went on to explain that, by calling them lies, he keeps his mind open to understand that they might or may not be the truth. 

Your beliefs are the repetitive thoughts - but they are only thoughts. You can change them. Some of them may be already unconscious. They are part of you and your thinking patterns. 

#2 Look into the future

If you followed my first step, you've now spent about week journalling and paying attention to your thoughts. You have probably noticed some negative patterns or triggers. There may be certain situations where these negative beliefs pop up. Maybe you feel inadequate at work; maybe you don’t feel appreciated at home; maybe you believe you have no talent and no skill, so why bother looking for that new job (instead settling for work that brings you no joy)? Whatever it is for you - look into the future. Imagine that you keep thinking the same negative thoughts for next 10 years. What is that like? 

Are you prepared to accept this for next 5, 10 or 20 years?

Are you prepared to not make a change and settle even thought you know that change is within your power? Start working through your beliefs and start noticing the difference. 

#3 Leave yesterday in yesterday 

Start fresh without yesterday lingering around. Know that today is new day and it is your chance to create something new, become a person you want to become. 

Whether you want to feel more confident, more positive or more hopeful, it's your chance to do it! 

One tip I can give you here is to reflect on the day. Each night before you go to bed reflect on what went well, what did not go so well and what you can learn from it. Then put it to rest. And when you wake up you no longer have to dwell on yesterday. You’ve learnt and now you’re moving on. Always look ahead.

#4 Set an intention for your day

It's too easy to wake up in the morning and almost unconsciously pick up from where we left of yesterday. To break this cycle, you need to begin with setting your intention. What day do you want to experience? How do you want to feel? How do you want to approach your day? What do you want out of today? Don’t be swirled by the business of your days. Set clear intentions and go for it. 

You can do this either in the morning as soon as you wake up as part of your morning routine, or you can set it the night before and put it on your alarm so you are reminded of your intention as soon as alarm buzz goes off. 

#5 You have got to take action. 

There's no other way. No one will do that for you. If it's for the fear of some kind you hesitating. There is no easier way to create a new neurological pathways than by taking action. 

Think back when you were going to do something for the first time. All the mixed feelings you were having: excitement, worry, anticipation, thrill, insecurities, doubts, fear… In spite of all your feelings you went ahead and took action. How did you feel? Successful. Strong. Powerful. Secure of yourself. Confident. In the comments below, I’d love to hear form you. Let me know about your one time you took action inspire of insecurities.

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