How to keep grounded as the world speeds up

The past 15 months have been unlike anything any of us could have imagined, and the global pandemic has impacted everyone in different ways. 

As the world starts to open up again, it could be that you are raring to get back to how things used to be, but for others, the slower pace of life, no commute, fewer meetings, and fewer expectations could have made life easier. 


While shops are encouraging visitors to walk through their doors and hairdressers have a seat and pair of scissors with your name on them, no one is actually saying you have to do anything. I believe that there are nuggets from our experiences over the past year that could help us stay calm and grounded as the world around us speeds up once again.

Have a spring clean! 

Given that the charity shops have been closed for so long, and getting to the recycling center may have been tricky, now is the time to free your home and brain from clutter! Go through your house room by room, pull out those old papers and magazines, dust away the debris of the winter, and the clothes, books, and toys that are stealing space can go to family, friends, or an organisation that can give them a new home. 

Write to wind-down 

With the lighter mornings and longer evenings, now is a great time to use the extra light to open your journal and get the words in your head, down on paper.

Just as clearing out your home will set you free, journaling can help you to declutter your mind, work out your goals, put your fears somewhere safe and save those racing thoughts at 4am when you think you aren't making progress... but you really are. 

Spend time with people who lift you 

Lockdown has shown us that we can choose who we spend time with, and if you have enjoyed not having contact with people who bring you down and doubt your abilities and dreams, try not to go back to those toxic relationships. We want to be surrounded by those who lift us, believe in us, and with those who we can cheerlead and support. You don't have to make a big deal out of it, nothing has to be said, but you can choose to move away slowly and nurture the relationships you value and the ones that bring you joy. 

Trust yourself 

With so much freedom being taken away from us in recent times, it is easy to second guess our choices and wonder if we are doing the right thing. You might be wanting to go for a promotion, finally, start your own business, or leave a partner who simply isn't right for you, and the reality is, only you can decide if this is the right choice for you.

Yes, you can ask other people what they think, but trusting your opinion and listening to your instinct is the best way forward, and when you make those decisions, big or small, you will do so with a brave heart and a lighter mind. 

Look after yourself

Being at home meant we had more time than ever to rest, relax, spend time on hobbies, and let's not forget the adventures in baking! Just because the path to normality is opening, it doesn't mean you have to give up caring for yourself.

Reading books, listening to podcasts, daily walks, pamper evenings, and eating good food are all going to help you as the world speeds up, so don't let these new, positive habits fall to the wayside as your to do list gets longer and your boss is more demanding. Decide what those all-important non-negotiables are going to be, and stick to them! 

There is no doubt that living life in the fast lane can be utterly exhausting and going too fast can not only lead to burnout, but you miss the best bits as you fly through each day, so why not try to slow and appreciate what you have? 

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