How to become the architect of your own future to get the job or career you really want!

Importance of Planning and Research
Once you have decided it's time to move forward in your career you need to identify the sort of role and whether you wish to remain in your existing organisation.

If the answer is no, then you need to consider what type of organisation you would like to work for. As with most aspects of management, one of the key ingredients to your future success will be planning your strategy plus also doing your research.

Networking / Inside information
Knowledge is key in any new job situation. Find out as much as you can about the organisation, the direction they are moving in and the opportunities for development.

Much of this information can be gleaned from the website but if you have contacts who work there, or more likely you have contacts who may have their own contacts who work there, then network your way in to put you ahead of the pack. Bear in mind that it is always useful to gather information from more than one source to get a balanced view.
Networking should always form a key part of your career startegy. Find people who are happy to champion your cause and refer you to useful contacts.

A key part of your planning and research should be to establish your own career values in order to ensure that your next role is in tune with your own needs. This is a crucial part of the planning process as if these are at odds with the job and or organisation then you are unlikely to be happy in the future role or company.

Self Marketing
This is best done as a 4 step process:
1/ Define your Product (i.e know yourself)
2/ Determine your Market
3/ Make a plan (your strategy)
4/ Use effective marketing channels

Target your CV
When looking to move up the career ladder it is important to make your CV stand out from the crowd and target it specifically to the type of job and organisation you are looking to work for.
Part of your reasearch should be to uncover the culture and ethos of the organisation and write your CV in such a way that it embraces this. Also, highlight your achievements and key skills so that these really stand out.

Covering letter
Your covering letter or email is a key selling tool and make sure you use it for this purpose. It is helpful to find out the name of the line manager responsible for the role you are applying for and target the application to them directly, unless directed otherwise.
Explain clearly why you are interested in the job or company and a few succent bullet points to highlight how you can add value to the organisation. Finish on a positive note that you are looking forward to meeting them for an interview.

Selling your skills – Transferable Skills
We all have skills that can be transferred to almost any other job role. It is crucial that you are aware of your key skills and can also give useful insights into these and how they have helped your achivements in interview situations.

New Knowledge and Skills
In order to move up the career ladder you may need to acquire new skills and knowledge. This should be a key part of your research as you will need an ever-increasing skill set not only to perform your job, but to stay marketable for the future.
Career experts also suggest that people who want to get ahead should not only keep current with industry news and events, but to also pay attention to trends and events outside their sector or specialty.

Professional Image and Personal Brand
How you look, dress, feel and behave can have a huge impact on your career. It may be worth investing and enlisting the help of an Image and Personal Branding coach. Their fees could be repaid handsomely if you achieve a big career move.

Find a Career Coach
Why use a Career Coach? For the same reason that athletes need a coach or you might get help from a personal trainer. Even the best athletes need a coach to guide them to the next level; they need someone who will listen to them, assess their situation, and push their performance to the peak of their potential.

Career Coaching is about unlocking your potential to help you succeed with your own career goals! Now might just be the right time to invest in your future and enlist the help of a Career Coach to really help move your career and life forward.

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All coaches are verified professionals

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