How can life coaching help with stress and anxiety?

Many of us are currently trying to navigate our new ‘hybrid’ world. It seems like it should be the best of both worlds but, for a whole host of reasons, trying to do everything online one minute whilst also being expected to turn up in person the next can be quite a challenge. We are also in a strange time in that things seem to be getting back to ‘normal’, then we hear that maybe they’re not. It’s actually quite a challenge for our mental health.


Something that has become really apparent throughout the pandemic is that there’s suddenly an expectation that we should be available 24/7. It made sense at first. Everyone was at home. Many things were cancelled. We were available. Now though it feels for many as though the opposite is true. We need to be everywhere. The expectation from others - work, demands of those we care for, our friends even - is that we can be there whenever they need us.

Another thing that has happened is a constant shift in our diaries; rescheduling, cancellations, last-minute invitations. It suddenly becomes very difficult to have a routine and keep a sensible schedule.

All of this, in an ever-changing world, can be stressful and, for some, might cause anxiety. It can result in people feeling overwhelmed, panicky, uncomfortable and on edge. Many have difficulty sleeping, a hard time making decisions and perhaps struggle to concentrate or maintain focus.

If this is you, you aren’t alone and there are ways to feel better, brighter and clearer. One solution is to work with a life coach.

How can coaching help?

Let’s have a look at five ways that life coaching can make a difference with stress and anxiety.

1. Someone to talk to

On the simplest level, having an impartial ear to share how you are feeling can be an enormous relief. Many clients who work with coaches are very self-reliant and resilient people. Capable and, to the outside world, in control. It can be really hard, then, to share with our nearest and dearest that we are going through a tough patch.

Even if we have some really great people around us, sometimes we just need to work through things for ourselves. A life coach can help you do that - in a secure space and time that’s there just for you. 

2. Gaining perspective

When everything is going at 100 miles an hour and we don’t seem to have a minute to think, we tend to get stuck in the middle of things. Coaching can really help you stand back and see the bigger picture. Take yourself out of the fray, make sense of what is going on and what you need. Having that little bit of distance whilst maintaining the awareness can be a calming experience that gives us back a sense of control.

3. Achieving clarity and understanding

Once you have the space to stand back and see what is going on, you can begin to understand what needs to change to allow you to feel balanced. Understanding the patterns you have, any thoughts or beliefs that aren’t helpful to you. Getting to grips with feelings and your perception of the situations you are in can be extremely beneficial. It makes making decisions easier, allows us to worry less and often feel as though a load has been taken off our shoulders.

4. Getting a plan together

Once you know where you might want to be going, you need a plan to get there. Building a strategy that will enable you to move forward, overcome challenges and be adaptable is key to having a happier, healthier life. Taking into account everything you know about yourself and your situation, seeing where you want to be headed can be extremely empowering. Building a strategy to get there is the start of your life to come.

5. Helping you along the way

Having a coach to support you as you move forward gives you the assurance you need to stay on track, adapt when you need to and move forward with momentum. For some, this might be checking in every month or so, for others who may have faced more mental health challenges or simply have a big project to work on, it might be weekly or every fortnight. It’s really helpful, knowing someone is on your side on your journey supporting you to stay on track.

There are all different kinds of life coaches and there will be one who fits with you, your personality and your budget. Whether you want a one-off, longer session to get you started or a package of sessions to help you along the way.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

Many new clients ask how many sessions they will need. Generally speaking, a single session will get you thinking, three sessions and you’ll begin to make changes and in six sessions you will probably feel a real shift in the right direction. From there, it is up to you and your coach to work out what you need to achieve your dreams. 

Finally, a thought; people often think change takes a long time, however, it is the build-up to that change that takes time. Once you have made the decision and acted upon it, change often happens very quickly. It just takes one decision to begin the process of positive change. 

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Written by Rachel Coffey, Coaching - Life Coach, Career Coach, Voice Coach MA
London SW6 & W1D

Rachel is an expert Life coach, Business coach and Voice coach based in London. She enjoys helping her clients feel more confident, deal with any issues and move forward to achieve their aims in life. Rachel is also one of Happiful magazine's resident experts.

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All coaches are verified professionals