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Here are some of the prevalent frustrations that stressed out, overwhelmed and fatigued business owners are experiencing when it comes to lifestyle balance and developing positive habits. 


Lack of time

one of the biggest frustrations is not having enough time to focus on developing positive habits and achieving lifestyle balance. Busy schedules, long work hours, and numerous responsibilities can often leave business owners feeling overwhelmed and unable to prioritise self-care and healthy habits.

Difficulty in breaking old habits

Changing ingrained behaviours and breaking old habits can be challenging. It takes time, effort, and consistency to develop new positive habits, and many business owners often feel frustrated by setbacks and relapse into old ways of thinking and sabotaging patterns. 

Lack of motivation

Maintaining motivation to consistently make healthy lifestyle choices can be challenging. Business owners often find it difficult to stay dedicated and committed to positive habits and end up experiencing frustration when they struggle to find the internal motivation or external support needed to keep going.

Unrealistic expectations

Sometimes, people set unrealistic expectations for themselves when it comes to lifestyle balance and habit development. They might want instant results, and when they don't see immediate progress, they can become frustrated and demotivated. 

Lack of accountability (this is a big one for some)

The absence of a support system or accountability partner can make it super challenging to stay consistent and maintain positive habits. Without someone to hold them accountable or provide encouragement and celebrate the wins along the way, it is harder to overcome obstacles and stay on track.

Overwhelm and decision fatigue

In today's fast-paced world, there is an abundance of information and choices available, leading to decision fatigue and overwhelm. Trying to select the right habits to develop and balancing various aspects of life can be frustrating, leading to a feeling of being constantly behind or overstretched.

Perfectionism and all-or-nothing mindset

Many business owners struggle with perfectionism and an all-or-nothing mindset, believing that they have to be perfect in their lifestyle habits. When they stumble or deviate from their goals, they can become frustrated and give up altogether, rather than embracing imperfect progress.

Lack of self-discipline and consistency

Developing and maintaining positive habits, and achieving lifestyle balance requires self-discipline, commitment and consistency. However, many business owners struggle to maintain this discipline and find it a real challenge to stay consistent, leading to feelings of failure.

So, for business owners out there; finding the right balance, breaking old habits, staying motivated, setting realistic expectations, finding accountability, managing overwhelm, and maintaining consistency are definitely common challenges and frustrations when it comes to lifestyle balance, habit development and greater fulfilment.

This is where working with a coach can be invaluable, as they will help you to gain clarity on the most important changes that will move the needle towards your professional and personal goals to experience greater success, they will help you to create a strategic plan for how to embody these changes, and then hold you accountable along your journey.

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Farnham, Surrey, GU9 0NS
Written by Jason Pooley Coaching & Consulting LTD
Farnham, Surrey, GU9 0NS

Jason’s background was in Tennis, playing at a high level and then coaching around the globe. He is one of a handful of (CHPC’s) Certified High Performance Coaches in the UK.

He seeks to help more people realise their greatest potential by seeing what’s possible so that they can create a life they truly love, ‘One Great Life’.

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All coaches are verified professionals