Christmas stress: How can we approach it differently?

Christmas is the happiest most wonderful magical time of the year. Or is it?


Some dread Christmas; the stress of planning gifts, the responsibility of cooking the Christmas dinner, and the anxiety of having to attend social engagements can make it the most stressful and anxious time compounded by the fact that Christmas seems to start so early and the expectations seem to grow and grow each year.

So, how about approaching these anxieties and stressful situations from a different point of view?

1. The gift

Truly any gift given should be well received however don’t consider yourself to be judged by the reactions of others, you have taken the time and thought to give the gift, but you can’t demand the reaction of others to receive the gift in the way you would like as we have no control over this. Remember you have done the best you can.

2. The Christmas dinner

I know in our home Christmas dinner is an occasion all of its own, but it is after all just a dinner - maybe with more trimmings and silly hats but, nonetheless, a meal like any other.

So, take away the thought that this is a one-time thing because it isn’t, the only difference from any other is maybe more guests and paper hats from a cracker.

Embrace the moment of just sharing this meal with family or friends or with whomever or wherever you choose to be. Be in the moment not the thought.

3. Christmas parties

For some, this is what Christmas is all about the gatherings the fun the laughter. For others, they think this is the most unbearable thing they can ever do, so if this is you take a moment and ask yourself why.

You may be thinking or feeling the following, "I’m boring!" Is this true? Or is it just a thought if you just think this then I’m almost sure that it’s not the truth. If you have been told this by whom and who says that their judgement is correct be careful how you measure yourself from others' opinions. Opinions are not facts.

Maybe you think at some point I’m going to say something stupid to someone and then everyone will think I’m stupid. One silly comment does not make a person 100% stupid we all say the wrong thing from time to time. Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t demand that you have to say and do the right thing all the time.

The most important thing from all of this is to consider the one true underlying fact: we are all human. Therefore, we make mistakes we get things wrong we are fallible and that's OK as one mistake does not make us a failure.

So, make Christmas a time to relax, enjoy and generally be less judgemental of yourself and remember it’s OK to want things to be the best they can but perfection is impossible but whatever you do will be great.
Have a very Merry Christmas, and make next year your year of change.

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Written by Richard Alliston, (Cert CBT Coaching)
Poole BH15 & Christchurch BH23

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