Change never comes without action

More recently with the onset of work-place 'coaching' it is recognised by many that we have the power to change our lives and our situation, to make things happen.


Yet, many people think their problems are a judgement on themselves (that they make?) and instead just hide and pretend everything's going well. Why, when people know that action is necessary to make any changes and any decision in life?

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you always got" is a quote I adopted for my coaching practice after seeing it at a local surgery some years ago.  

How coaching can support change

Coaching is all about recognising a problem, looking for the solution, then taking the necessary steps to change or enhance the current circumstances. More resources, better skills, a clear step by step plan to follow, support and inspiration, finding your true motivation and purpose in life.

'Life coaching' is commonly known but 'career coaching' appears still, to be more popular, focussing on the job and role rather than the person and situation that needs to be tackled.

To do something differently we need to know what the options are and what outcome is required, what your goal is in any given situation. Work, home, people, circumstances, options for personal and professional development won’t change unless you make that happen!

Hiding from the problems doesn’t help, procrastination doesn’t work either. That’s where a coach will help you - motivation, inspiration, experience to share and ideas, focus, clarity, exercises and discussion - working the way you need to work but keep you moving forward.

Problems in life and work, and business, are inevitable - it's what keeps us on form, stimulating our minds and creative thinking. You don’t have to be in a creative industry to think outside of the box and those who are successful 'think' differently and 'do' differently to stand out and influence outcomes.

Hiding can also be; distractions, obsessions, creating problems which is what your mind seems to do when threatened, when in fact it is just assessing how useful and effective your experiences might be in this scenario.

Talk honestly

Be honest about what is going on, with yourself if not others (except your coach of course!). If someone asks, "How are you?", reply honestly saying where things are up to - struggling with ideas, needing some suggestions or a chance to talk it over with your friend or partner to clarify the facts and focus your need for your next step. This will count for a lot. "A problem shared is a problem halved" - self-prophesizing your solutions and next step.

It may be that you need professional support because friends and family have their own agenda to consider, care more about your wellbeing than your goal that you might find motivating and exciting, not stressful (positive v negative stress!).

Just talk. To someone, to a professional, to those who can influence your thoughts and feelings and instigate the behaviours - the steps, the plan, the purpose, the goals. The first or next step on your journey; change and improvement for a better personal future in work and at home. This helpful knowledge will be embedded in your mind for life, never losing this gained knowledge again.

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ
Written by Julie Crowley, MBACP | Personal Development Coach | Registered Counsellor
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ

Julie offers personal development life & career coaching for self-awareness, stress management, relationships & communication that identify your options, insights and outlooks. Supporting professional team members & families, self-employed or managers. "Removing barriers, building dreams. Resolving problems, building teams"

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