5 simple steps to achieve 2015 goals by the end of the year

Don't worry if you haven't achieved what's on your list of goals to achieve by end of 2015...

Why not apply my five simple steps to ensure you do?

Step 1: Stay focused

Are you focused? If not, it's crucial you get focused now. Tune into what you want to achieve and not what you don't want. The serenity is in the clarity, so ditch the vagueness and get crystal clear on what you are aiming for.

Step 2: Leap in wholeheartedly

In order to remain motivated you have to be aligned to your truth, to your passion, to your values. Write a list; what you like about your life, what you feel appreciative of, what your aims are, where you are now and what small steps you can take each day to move towards where you want to be.

Step 3: A step at a time

Chunk down your actions. Get more detailed around them. Do you need to create a prudent reserve in order to reach your goals? If so, how can you take a small step today to make that happen? Do you need to learn some skills, change some habits, re-frame your perspective, let go of some people in your life? Get very specific. Do you need help with any of this? If so, who can help you? What contacts, resources do you have that would be helpful to tap into right now?

Step 4: Create a transportable vision board 

Either on a laminated piece of A5 or on your screensaver on your laptop or iPad or phone, add images and words that represent your visions and look at these constantly during the day or last thing at night before sleep.  

Step 5: Make it happen!

Begin with the one action you find the most challenging and this will make the rest of them easier to accomplish. You can only neutralise fear by walking through it. Time waits for no one, what are you waiting for? 

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