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About me

Welcome and thank you for checking out my profile. I'm a life and business coach serving the Manchester region in person and internationally via Zoom and phone.

- Are you feeling stuck?

- Do you want to create some meaningful change in your life but don't know where to start?

- Has the pandemic impacted on your confidence, wellbeing and the quality of your life and you now want to take control and make a fresh start?

- How would you rate your satisfaction with the different facets of your life (e.g. family, relationships, career, health and wellbeing, interests, ) out of 10? What would a life full of 8, 9s and 10s do for you?

- What is truly holding you back from living your best life?

Or do you have a simpler problem you would like to solve and need some external, objective help with?



My job is to bring out the best in you. To go from tolerating to thriving.

Yes I will challenge you and ask questions that maybe no one has ever asked you before. I provide the space for you to be your honest, raw and authentic self.

My job is to get really really curious about what makes you tick.

My job to see help you release your potential.

My job is to believe in you and see what you cannot see, then help you actualise that in you state of being

My coaching is founded on four cornerstones.

1) YOUR VISION - Getting clear on what you really want in life and what has been holding you back from creating that or take the right action on until now.

2) YOUR MINDSET - How you see yourself, your values, attitude, self awareness, your state of being. Are you in the driving seat of your life? To what degree are you committed to learning, growth and self mastery?

3) YOUR GIFTS - What makes you unique, your personal qualities, talents, the gift that may be unexpressed or hidden away. What do you bring to the room? What are the qualities that are not fully expressed?

4) THE RIGHT ACTION - the habits, systems, routines and rituals that make up your day to day. Are they serving you or are they taking you away from what you want in life?

Together we will create a roadmap for excellence in all areas of your life.

And start with this: Who do you want to be today? How do you want to be? How are you choosing NOT to be the fullest expression of yourself?

I am all in...are you?

Thorough conversation, visioning, visualisation, journaling and stories our work together will create the foundations for your success.

I invite you into a 30 minute exploratory call to establish what it is you really want to change, what might be holding you back. Through a light and open-hearted conversation, we will follow the breadcrumbs of those signs you are ready to commit to a different way of living.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

W.H. Murray


I live and breathe my work as a life coach. It’s an honour and privilege to create coaching partnerships with people who have taken the courageous step into the unknown.

I work with clients one-to-one or in small groups in my lovely home in Chorlton, M21 and online via Zoom.

Areas I cover:

- Business building and entrepreneurialism
- Career development
- Leadership development
- Finding your purpose and mission in life
- Stress, anxiety and overwhelm
- Lack of joy and fulfilment
- Confidence, self-worth and self-esteem
- Life / work balance
- Life transitions
- Relationships
- Health and wellbeing
- Spirituality and meaning

I also run workshops on resilience, wellbeing, team building and peak performance for businesses. When social distancing measures have lifted I will be running workshops in my home in Chorlton.

Some testimonials:

Working with Laurence has been a fantastic experience for me. He has helped me both for Sports Performance and also for Business development as well as general self improvement. His way of thinking and depth of experience has really helped me focus on being calmer and being far more in control of my environment. I highly recommend Laurence and his coaching.

Peter Armistead, South Manchester's top residential Property Developer

The last 12 months have surfaced challenges in every aspect of my life, from parenthood to business direction, with my values and leadership tested on a moment to moment basis. Laurence has helped me to utilise this experience to deepen my commitment to leadership and to further my search for authentic self . Laurence is helping me to develop the clarity and perspective that facilitate the journey of self mastery - he is an essential partner on the journey to being a better Director, Dad, partner and human being.

John Kenny, CEO of Valeo Management Europe

Laurence's coaching has enabled me to gain a much higherlevel of self-awareness, confidence and resilience. He is veryperceptive, asking the right questions to help you take action.The coaching sessions with him have been extremely insightful and helpful for my professional development.

Maria Rodrigalvarez Trapero
Senior Account Executive, Enterprise at BigCommerce

The results my clients report:

- Greater sense of ease and enjoyment of life
- Greater productivity and impact in the world
- More deep and meaningful relationships
- More ease in handling stress and the ups and downs of life
- More abundance and results in career and business

Fundamentally, I will help you build a far kinder relationship with yourself as you step into your power as creator of all your life.

Training, qualifications & experience

Some testimonials

I am a certified coach and qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist. I've been working with clients for 10 years to help them create meaningful change and achieve results in business, sports, relationships and life.

I have worked in Harley Street London and at the Body Holiday wellness resort in St Lucia as the life coach and therapist.

My qualifications:

  • Certified Clarity Coach (trained by Jamie Smart)
  • Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (Quest Institute, trained by Trevor Silvester)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (trained by Andy Barton)
  • Innate Wellbeing Facilitator (rained by Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson)
  • iHEART Facilitator (trained by Terry Rubenstein and Jon Scott)

I always have a coach and supervisors of my own and my current coach is the most excellent Russell Davis who challenges me and pushes me to go deeper, to keep exploring and always be willing to learn something new.

I have my own story to tell as well. I know what it is like to struggle, to have been an outsider, to have had to start again. After a promising start, when I had everything on a plate, my teenage years were difficult to say the least. I battled with depression, anxiety and non-existent self esteem. But I dug deep and I was blessed with a reasonable brain. And so, off I went to Manchester University in 1990 to study town planning, drawn to the world of the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. It was messy but I made friends for life and I came out with a good degree and big ambitions. A few years later I found myself thriving, working in inner city local government in London, running projects and programmes to regenerate deprived communities. As I rose through the ranks I was drawn to create my own consultancy, free of the bureaucracy of local government management and doing what I loved doing most - connecting with people, making stuff happen and thinking outside the box. In parallel to all this I furthered my love of music as I nurtured my passion-hobby for singing and playing in indie rock and folk bands, gigging and recording in my spare time.

My first major life change happened in 2008. Coming out of a relationship that I thought was going to last, I took a step back and spent two weeks on retreat on a Greek island. I was already immersing myself in the world of personal development, training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for my own benefit whilst exploring further the spiritual dimension of life. It was the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that helped me look beyond the world of the personal, to taste what it is to truly live life unshackled by the chains of the past. I stepped into my power and started to life life more fearlessly. I asked myself when it was I truly felt alive, and what I found was those times where I was deeply connecting with another soul. Whether that was interviewing a single parent that had overcame domestic abuse to gain a new qualification and create a new life for themselves or coaching passionate and committed business owners I was supporting as part of University College London's entrepreneurial programme, I found the first cut of my purpose:

"Helping people unlock their potential, realise what they have going for them, to tap into their talents and to take positive action to make a difference in the world."

I then fully embraced learning anything to help me cultivate my skills to help bring out the best in people, enrolling on a Master NLP Practitioner Programme, learning the art and science behind Hypnotherapy and developing my skills further on the Clarity Coaching Programme.

I was like a fast ascending rocket and before I knew it I was living on a beach in St. Lucia, coaching wealthy people looking for more meaning in their lives and helping people who were going through major life events to rediscover those parts of themselves they had long neglected. It was a glorious experience but ultimately I learned that for all the razzmatazz of the life I was building on the outside, all was not as it seemed. What was meant to be a two year adventure ended after six months and I found myself having to regroup. This is where my training kicked in, where I discovered that resilience is not just a skill, but something that comes from an understanding of how life really works. I deepened my understanding of how the mind works, seeing for myself the love, beauty and joy and that lies beyond the personal world of suffering made of the stories and dramas created in the theatre of our own minds. And seeing deeply the wisdom within this quote by the Scottish welder turned mystic Sydney Banks:

"If the one thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world"

Since then I have developed a diverse portfolio of coaching and teaching, running group programmes alongside my 1:1 coaching with CEOs, entrepreneurs, ambitious young professionals, high achieving couples, athletes and every day people looking for something new and fresh to invigorate their being as they move beyond unhealthy habits and patterns that no longer serve them to a life full of meaning.

After 23 years in London, the shock of lockdown I used to take stock, and I have returned to living in the wonderful community of Chorlton, rooted in an amazing new home, sharing life with the woman I love, surrounded by my oldest friends and ready to make a contribution to the local community in a meaningful way. Hell, I might even get an allotment again.

I love to be active and if I am not walking in nature, playing golf or down the gym I will be singing playing in my new band or cooking up a storm for a dinner party with friends. We truly only have one life, and I am choosing to live it to the full.
And every day I seek to live a life that is true, authentic and full of joy, embracing my humanity, the messiness and those moments when I most need to remember that:

"All we are is peace, love and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion we are not." (Jack Pransky)

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Many of my clients have achieved success in life but are looking for more meaning. As I often say:

"What got you ere, won't get to the next level."

As we get older our priorities begin to change. I help successful people take stock, reassess and make either major or subtle changes that set the foundation for a happy and healthy next phase of life.

Other clients are ambitious, hungry and tomorrow's leaders. I help these clients build a compelling vision aligned to their deepest values and to start taking the massive action required to create impact, success and prosperity.

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Additional information

I create a bespoke package to help you achieve success.

Most of my clients enrol on my six month Life Transformation programme where you commit to creating change in all dimensions of your life.


Here's a taste of the kind of resources I share with my clients:


Further information

If you live locally to Chorlton, I would be very happy to conduct some of our sessions walking in the local nature reserve (the Ees), weather permitting of course.

57-59 High Lane
Greater Manchester

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Laurence Knott, Life Coach

Laurence Knott, Life Coach