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Let's create a roadmap for your growth, wealth and happiness

About me

I am an experienced ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Life Coach and over the past 10 years I have been successfully coaching people using a wide range of approaches, helping them to create the change they want in their life.

I help people change jobs and career, to achieve more balanced harmony in their life and to taste the magic that comes from being more 'in the flow'.  I will help you move from stress to success, from frustration to ease, from confusion to clarity, from procrastination to committed action and from doubt to quiet yet assured confidence in all aspects of yourself.




Are you one of these archetypes? If you are, I can help you.

You have oodles of talent, your friends think you are amazing, you care deeply about people and want to make a difference, but your inner critic follows you around like a bad smell, never letting up. Perfection is your driver but remains ever illusive. You are one of our future leaders, you get tingles in your belly when you imagine the future ‘best self’ you deeply crave to become, but you don’t allow yourself to enjoy being you, in all your magnificence. It's time to build a roadmap for your success that puts your wellbeing and self-worth centre stage.
You have created success in your life whilst creating a facade of bravado and strength that masks deep fears and insecurities. You feel disconnected from yourself, those around you and life itself whilst pondering, “is this it?” You want more success, but deep down you fear that 'it' and 'you' will never be ‘enough’. Happiness feels illusive. You need to feel in control of your ‘kingdom’ to feel okay but that is a constant drain on your energy. When that voice of doubt comes in strong and forcefully you double down and work harder, faster, more intensely - but something’s gotta give pretty soon, whether it’s your physical health, your relationships or your mental health. It’s time to slow right down...
You love your work but the caregiver-cum-rescuer in you forgets to look after you, your boundaries are poorly defined and expressed and you have not yet found your unique voice in the world. You also struggle with change and procrastinate on what you know will make a difference and bring more ease and joy into to your life. It's time to start being far kinder to yourself, to give yourself permission to have what you want free of self-doubt, whilst stepping into your power in all areas of your life.
You feel like you’ve always been looking in on life, more spectator than participant, you feel like you are missing out, you judge yourself for the mistakes and missteps in your interesting and varied life. You’ve a tendency to discount everything you have learned and experienced in the adventure of life so far and you feel like time is running out. You are respected and admired, people deeply care about you, but you don’t really let them in. Looking ahead, you don’t want to make the same mistakes, but you don’t know if you can change a habit of a lifetime. What might you regret in 10 years’ time if you don't make a change now?
You know that you can be contrary, difficult, sarcastic, impatient and intolerant. You’ve spent your life ‘surrounded by idiots’. You are never far from irritation, frustration and anger. Empathy feels like too much hard work, but you are someone of knowledge, you see far and wide and you think deeply. You crave recognition, you want to be valued but you have built an impenetrable fortress around you which hides your deepest desires for love, connection and some kind of inner peace without the ‘joss sticks and yoga’.

If you recognise yourself in one of the above let arrange a 30-minute connection call today.

How can I help you?

I love my work as a coach, to which I have made a lifelong commit to mastery, learning and growth. Coaching is part of my life's purpose, creating magic through powerful conversations and partnerships with clients who inspire me.

I work on Zoom and in person at my home practice in Chorlton, Manchester.

I see myself as a reflective and evocative coach that offers a safe and inclusive container for clients to explore what matters most to them. Through presence, deep connection, and embodied leadership I create a powerful space for my clients to ascend to their full potential. Through my wholehearted commitment to my clients, I seek to inspire greatness and draw out genius. I am solution and future focused and I support my clients to step into their full power as leaders of their own lives.

I draw on my extensive training and knowledge in Pure Coaching, Positive Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Jungian Archetypes, Neuroscience, Transactional Analysis, Human Givens, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and the Inside Out understanding (aka the 3 Principles).

What happens next?

I invite you into a 30 minute phone call to simply connect and explore what you want to be different in your life. We can then arrange an initial no obligation (free) life transformation coaching session. Many clients find this initial session both powerful and of immediate benefit. Thereafter there are two courses of action:

a) We part ways, you go back into your world having gained clarity and insight that moves you into action.

b) We convene to explore together what a powerful coaching partnership could look like based on what you want to be different in your life.

Call me today on 07540 845 390 or send an email here.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a qualified Coach with over 10 years of experience using a wide range of approaches to help you create the change you want in your life.

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Coaching Diploma (125 hours) (Optimus Training Academy), accredited by the ICF
  • Certified Culture Talk Jungian Archetype Personality Profiler
  • Certified Clarity Coach (trained by Jamie Smart)
  • Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (Quest Institute, trained by Trevor Silvester)
  • NLP Master Practitioner (trained by Andy Barton)
  • Innate Wellbeing Facilitator (rained by Rudi Kennard and Jenny Anderson)
  • iHEART Facilitator (trained by Terry Rubenstein and Jon Scott)

I draw on my extensive training and knowledge in Pure Coaching, Positive Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Jungian Archetypes, Neuroscience, Transactional Analysis, Human Givens, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and the Inside Out understanding (aka the 3 Principles).

I see myself as a reflective and evocative coach that offers a safe and inclusive container for clients to explore what matters most to them. Through presence, deep connection, and embodied leadership I create a powerful space for my clients to ascend to their full potential. Through my wholehearted commitment to my clients, I seek to inspire greatness and draw out genius.
My work focuses on supporting clients to grow in self-awareness and to create a powerful new narrative for their lives, transcending and moving beyond what is no longer serving them. I am solution and future focused and I support my clients to step into their full power as leaders of their own lives.
My work is guided by a wide range of theoretical models and concepts and I follow my intuition in bringing what the client in front of me most needs in order to experience insight and a fresh perspective.
The core of my coach philosophy is grounded in the belief that we all have access to an infinite source of creativity, wisdom and resilience inside of us that we are both born with and that which never goes away. 
As a coach I am guided by my dominant values of:
·      Curiosity
·      Enthusiasm and energy
·      Kindness and generosity of spirit
·      Optimism and future mindedness
·      Playfulness
My coaching is guided by the code of ethics and core competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ( My job is to uphold and promote the standards and values of the profession of coaching. My purpose is to transform lives through the power of coaching, whilst acting as an advocate and ambassador for the value that coaching can bring to all areas of society.
I have a lifelong commitment to personal and professional mastery, and I recognise there is always more to learn and new ways to grow. As a lifelong learner I am fully committed to learning new skills and gaining knowledge that help me become an even more impactful and effective coach.

I have worked in Harley Street London and at the Body Holiday wellness resort in St Lucia as the life coach and therapist.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Tangible results such as a new job, a change in career or improved income
  • Greater sense of ease and enjoyment of life
  • Greater productivity and more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • More deep and meaningful relationships
  • More ease in handling stress and the ups and downs of life
  • More abundance and results in career and business
  • Inner peace with self and the past

"What got you here, won't get to the next level."

As we get older our priorities begin to change. I help successful people take stock, reassess and make either major or subtle changes that set the foundation for a happy and healthy next phase of life.

Other clients are ambitious, hungry and tomorrow's leaders. I help these clients build a compelling vision aligned to their deepest values and to start taking the massive action required to create impact, success and prosperity.

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£175.00 per session
Free initial in-person, telephone or online session

Additional information

My Summer Offer

My coaching is based on you gaining powerful insights and seeing rapid change in your life. Over 6 weeks we will work together to kick-start a revolution in your life.

The Offer: £555 for 5 x55 minute sessions in person or via Zoom.

Offer closes 8th July.

Quote 'Summer Coaching' to claim your offer. Book today by calling Laurence on 07540 845390 or by email to I will also send you my guide for getting the most out of coaching for free.

When I work

Here's a taste of the kind of resources I share with my clients:

Further information

If you live locally to Chorlton, I would be very happy to conduct some of our sessions walking in the local nature reserve (the Ees), weather permitting of course.

Who are you being?

I support both my short and long term clients to create mastery goals and to get crystal clear on their intentions. Whether it’s a new job, a change in direction, or growing into oneself and finding greater balance and peace, we can use words as a powerful vehicle of self-expression.

For some clients creating a simple acronym can capture the essence of who they want to BE, and this can serve as a reminder that change comes from becoming more conscious of who we are BEING day to day, moment to moment. My mastery goal? I've a few, and my professional one is:

TBCIGM - The Best Coach In Greater Manchester

Am I (yet)? That's not for me to say. But each day I can check in and ask my myself, what would TBCIGM do here? Am I truly living and being as TBCIGM? What would TBCIGM be more fearless about? How would TBCIGM astonish this client and serve them in a way that creates even more impact and facilitates transformation?

Yes, our identity comes from how we think and most of that is hidden from us, as habitualised modes of being, thinking and doing that are so engrained we are blind to how they shape, dictate even, how we respond to life.

If the desire is there, my clients create their own mastery goals, below are some examples of the acronyms they have created:

  1. TBDIC (The best dad in Cheshire)
  2. COTBRDIM (Creator of the best residential developments in Manchester)
  3. TFR (Truth, Freedom and Responsibility).

How does this help? It shifts us into a more self-aware space, where we realise our life is made up of daily micro choices (mostly unconsciously made), we can wake up from our default patterns, and we can step into our full power as creators of both ourselves and our lives.

Now, taking such a bold approach to being can feel too much for some people. You may have read my mastery goal and thought: Who does he think he is? Excellent. The reaction reveals something about you - your values, your beliefs, your 'rules', and if you go deeper, how you see yourself and how you treat the world around you.

In some communities, 'tall poppy syndrome' means we are conditioned to keep our head down, or that blowing our own trumpet is a sign of arrogance.  However, it is still possible to be bold in our intentions, ambitious in the expansiveness of the vision we have for our lives and maintain our core values (e.g humility, honesty, integrity, authenticity).

So, how can you create a way of being that makes the change you desire almost inevitable? What would be your mastery acronym? This is also about having fun, being creative and testing our assumptions about ourselves.
So, how can I help you create a way of being that makes the change you desire almost inevitable?


My coaching is founded on the following principles:

  • You are unique, there truly is no one else who thinks and feels the way you do.
  • Your experiences, challenges, traumas, stories, highs and lows, and personal history may have shaped who you are today, but they do not dictate is what is possible for you now and in the future.
  • You have access to an infinite source of creativity, resourcefulness and resilience inside of you, which is only ever one thought away.
  • The outside world cannot control how you think, act and feel.
  • Words like impossible, difficult, scary, stuck, confused, uncertain are all made of thought and are not fundamentally true.
  • When our thinking changes, our reality and what becomes possible for us changes.
  • The more we fall down, the quicker we learn to get up. There is no failure, only information and feedback.
  • Action is where we learn, where the rubber meets the road, where results are created.
  • An open mind, a state of curiosity, a growth mindset and a thirst for learning all make for a good life.
  • We are all Kings, Queens and Sovereigns in the making. We have control over our own destinies and the shape of our inner and outer kingdoms, we simply need to choose into and not fear our powers.
  • Honesty, humility and kindness are the values of true leaders.
  • Self-awareness, taking absolute responsibility and truly owning yourself are the master keys to personal transformation and evolution.

What is it like working with me?

  • I bring presence, connection, wisdom and peace to our conversations, my state of being evoking a sense of calm, quietness and space for clarity of thought
  • I create a safe container for you, to be listened to like you have never been listened to before.
  • I meet you where you are at, I honour your uniqueness, I respect who you are in the fabric of your being.
  • I will celebrate you, challenge you, provoke you all in service of bringing out the best in you.
  • I will be endlessly fascinated by how you think, act and feel the way you do. I am in your corner, I am on your team.
  • I will invite you to step outside of your comfort zone, to be daring, to be bold, to no longer fear your shadows.
  • I will be unerring in my belief in you.
  • I will bring love, respect, humour, joy, artistry and magic to our coaching relationship.
  • Thorough pure coaching conversations, visioning, visualisation, journaling and stories our work together will create the foundations for your success.

I invite you into a 45 minute exploratory call to establish what it is you really want to change, what might be holding you back. 

And a quote I live by:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets: 

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

W.H. Murray

I also run workshops on resilience, wellbeing, team building and peak performance for businesses. When social distancing measures have lifted I will be running workshops in my home in Chorlton.


I have been working with Laurence during lockdown. It has been a incredible experience helping me to understand how my own mind works and how we build our own life experience. We examined a number aspects of my life both professional and personal in a very calm and thoughtful way. I can definitively recommend him.  Harmesh Jassal, Strategic Manager Planning and Building Regulations at  Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Working with Laurence has been a fantastic experience for me. He has helped me both for Sports Performance and also for Business development as well as general self improvement. His way of thinking and depth of experience has really helped me focus on being calmer and being far more in control of my environment. I highly recommend Laurence and his coaching.
Peter Armistead, South Manchester's top residential Property Developer

The last 12 months have surfaced challenges in every aspect of my life, from parenthood to business direction, with my values and leadership tested on a moment to moment basis. Laurence has helped me to utilise this experience to deepen my commitment to leadership and to further my search for authentic self . Laurence is helping me to develop the clarity and perspective that facilitate the journey of self mastery - he is an essential partner on the journey to being a better Director, Dad, partner and human being.
John Kenny, CEO of Valeo Management Europe

Laurence's coaching has enabled me to gain a much higher level of self-awareness, confidence and resilience. He is very perceptive, asking the right questions to help you take action.The coaching sessions with him have been extremely insightful and helpful for my professional development. Maria Rodrigalvarez Trapero - Senior Account Executive, Enterprise at BigCommerce

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