About me

Whether this is the start of your journey or you've been on the road for a while, coaching with me will be a safe, empowering, and life changing experience. I will help you find passion, meaning and purpose in your life. You will quickly feel freer, happier and more in control than you have in a long time.

We will break negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back and give you new opportunities and choices. We will take a dream, an idea or a desire that is stuck and make it a reality.

By trusting the process, patience and openness, you're life will transform. My approach does not focus on reliving the past, my goal is to help you take back the control and rebuild with clarity and confidence.

I believe everyone is born with the ability to be the best version of themselves, but often life gets in the way. That's ok; we are all human. I'm here to break those negative beliefs and support you to be happy in your life, whatever that looks like for you.

I am now a accredited Life Coach and NLP practitioner. I specialise in the following areas.


-Anyone who lacks self confidence at work. They want to feel like they are doing a great job, but sometimes feel insecure, worried or uncertain. They’re not feeling like a valued member of the team and they want to change that.

-Anyone who struggles with stress and find it difficult to leave the office or close the laptop. They know it is unhealthy and wish they could have more balance, but they find it almost impossible to implement that change. They worry and stress even though they know they need to change.

-Anyone who feels stuck and wants a change of direction. They want something different but may be uncertain of what that is, or how to make it happen.


- Anyone who is struggling with communication in the home with their children or with their partner. This is leading to unnecessary upset , conflict and friction and they need help to create harmony and happiness at home.

-A new parent that is overwhelmed with too much advice from others.


-Anyone who has reached middle age and needs support & direction to help create & shape a fulfilling and joyful next chapter.

Training, qualifications & experience

Life Coach Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner


Bethan Hardwick - Thanks to Amy, I am able to break free from my negative thought patterns. I dont fear everything so much. I feel more human. I am a better version of myself and I have a more positive outlook on life. Past therapists didn't get to the route of the problem so quickly.

Alyson Hawes - Amy changed my life. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am able to think better. I now have choices available & I have more control of my life.

Shawn Nell - Amy has a great way of connecting with people. Amy made me feel so comfortable talking to her, she listened to my situation and she helped me work through my issues and so gave me the confidence to tackle my problems head on.

Further information

Working with me will be in a mutually respectful, non judgemental and open environment.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to change and wants to move forward. It is a positive mindset approach that is highly effective. If this is something you are interested in exploring please do book and appointment or reach out.


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Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen