3 mindset tips to help you follow your passions

What are your natural desires or pleasures? What topics or activities do you gravitate towards? Well, what would you say if I told you that your most genuine desires and curiosities want you back? It’s true. They resonate from deep within you as they’re your soul’s purpose – and they’re beckoning you to follow them!

When we bravely pursue our desires, we’re more likely to produce results that have a lasting impact. Our passion for the subject is likely to reflect back on us, through our work. What’s more, people will trust us as there’s an intrinsic belief that individuals who are driven by their genuine desires are more likely to take initiative and act with integrity. 

Trust flows more readily when we’re regarded as an authentic person. So, pursuing what you’re curious about will not only make you feel personally inspired but it’ll also strengthen your work connections and overall respectability. 

Here, we’ll explore three mindset tips to help you follow your passions:

1. Cultivate self-assurance and find your people

Many of us have been conditioned to mistrust our innate desires, especially the creative souls among us. The education system isn’t set up to empower us as independent thinkers. Instead of being taught to trust our inner callings, we’re taught to follow. We aren’t afforded the freedom to select the books that truly pique our interest, instead, we’re all given the same literature to study with a very regimented approach. 

This pressure to stick to what’s ‘normal’ (instead of explore) results in many of us attempting to ‘get over’ or ‘forget about’ our dreams. We suppress and dismiss what we’re drawn to so we can be ‘successful’ (clearly not on our own terms). We’re encouraged to conform to societal expectations instead of following our authentic journey.

But your individuality is valuable! The inner enthusiasm you have, whether it’s for painting, dancing, something conventional, or unconventional, is beautiful. You must trust what is meant for you – your natural inclinations serve as a guide to true growth and fulfilment.

Having self-trust and a supportive community will help you embrace your uniqueness. Engage with groups that embrace your passions; attend clubs and classes to seek out like-minded individuals. As humans, we’re stronger and braver when we come together as a collective!

2. Revamp your frame of mind

If you want to achieve something, your state of mind is crucial. It can be the thing that propels you towards accomplishing your dreams or the invisible barrier that stops you from even trying. 

We’re all navigating different financial circumstances and personal backgrounds, and these factors can certainly create roadblocks. Nevertheless, you mustn’t lose hope; barriers are there to be broken down. 

Don’t let fear of the ‘what ifs’ stop you: 

  • What if that doesn’t go right? 
  • What if people judge me? 
  • What if I get that wrong? 

Your innate creative urges are so powerful, they’re capable of steering you down an amazing path. Challenges are unavoidable but maintaining confidence and optimism is paramount – move with conviction.

Firstly we need to believe, then we can achieve. When we have faith in ourselves and our aspirations, we unlock the ability to fully manifest our desires.

3. Lack mindset vs abundance mindset

  • Lack mindset: Thinking that resources are scarce and that you have an overwhelming number of limitations.
  • Abundance mindset: A belief that you have plenty of resources and opportunities available to you. The emphasis is on what’s possible, not impossible.

When we see our current reality from a lack mindset, we can quickly get overwhelmed by what we don’t have, and what we can’t do. This way of thinking can restrict our problem-solving skills, our ability to retain information, and limit our creative flair. When we dwell on what we lack, we see problems not resolutions – and this makes us feel stuck.

When we feel stuck, we’re likely to make safe choices rather than challenge ourselves to reach for more. We’re likely to dismiss our dreams if we fixate on the potential obstacles. 

If you see a lack mindset as a dark room, an abundance mindset is like looking out into a vibrant landscape with green grass, mountains, flowers and animals. Whilst we may feel stuck in the dark room, there will always be a door somewhere that’ll open out onto a beautiful landscape full of life and opportunities. We just need to make an effort to find the door, as for many of us, it’s within close reach.

We must take a moment to notice and appreciate the plethora of opportunities available to us in order to make the most of them. An abundance mindset allows us to see these opportunities clearly – we can only take advantage of the things we’re aware of.

Navigating from an abundance mindset will allow you to focus on what you can do. It will enable you to see the opportunities around you that can propel you forward.

How to foster an abundance mindset

1. Practice gratitude every day for the simple things

Ironically, when we shift from thinking ‘I need this’ to ‘I am grateful for that,’ we’re more likely to attract more. Gratitude enables us to remain motivated and inspired, and this ultimately helps us attract more money, more opportunities, and more joy! Take a moment in each day to notice what’s great in your life. Perhaps it’s your cosy work setup, delicious dinner, or kind neighbour who always stops to chat with you. There’s beauty all around us we just need to take a second to notice it! 

2. Visualise what you desire happening for you

What would your life look like if you focused on your passions? How would you feel? Who would you spend time with? What would you be doing at this time of day? Visualising positive situations will motivate you to take action. You can imagine yourself doing these impressive things in your head, so serve as your own role model before becoming that person later in life.

3. Strive to always be learning and growing

Embracing growth is a key part of maintaining an abundance mindset. You must believe there is always more to learn and do. When we’re continuously improving and challenging ourselves we attract more opportunities and inspiring people into our life. Mental movement is key, it energises us and keeps us focused on what’s possible.

4. Recognise that there are enough opportunities to go around

Your friend’s success doesn’t take away from your own. There’s space for us all to be happy and fulfilled. Know that our paths in life can intersect without getting in the way of one another. In fact, connecting and sharing ideas with others often enhances our overall experience. As humans, we find comfort in connection and shared joy! 

5. Embrace the mistakes

When we see mistakes as opportunities to learn and get better, nothing can stop us. Often, circumstances won’t unfold exactly according to our initial plan. But, as long as our desired outcome is at the core of our every step, we can maintain trust that the results will be great. Failure lends itself to success if we decide to extract valuable lessons from it.

6. Repeat motivating affirmations in the mirror every morning

Affirmations help us make intelligent decisions that keep us aligned with the best version of ourselves. They remind of us what’s important. Here are a collection of positive affirmations that’ll help you confidently and thoughtfully follow your dreams:

  • I slow down and make intentional decisions.
  • I trust my inner desires will guide me down exciting paths.
  • I am worthy of success.
  • I confidently follow my curiosities and passions.
  • I care only about satisfying my dreams (not the dreams of those around me).
  • I make inspiring decisions every day.
  • I attract growth. 
  • I trust my inner compass. 
  • What I want, wants me.

Remember, your dreams want you as much as you want them! When you create from a place of authenticity and true inner passion, you produce results that resonate with people. And passion fuels passion.

Don’t be blinkered by the path of others. It’s important to remember what ignites passion in other people most likely won’t excite you in the same way! Not all of us seek the same things in life and that’s perfectly fine. We must trust what resonates within our hearts and explore that instead of following what everyone else is doing.

Our timelines are different, we all have our own journeys and purposes in this life. Our innate interests are there for a reason – they’re there to be embraced, not forgotten.

If you’re struggling to foster an abundance mindset, a coach can give you a helping hand. Find support today.

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Written by Alessia Sutherberry
Alessia is a life coach, content creator and writer who cares deeply about making people feel good about themselves. She helps people understand where their self-limiting beliefs stem from so they can foster self-awareness and self-love.
Written by Alessia Sutherberry
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