How to move on from a relationship

1. Refrain from replaying memories

How to move on from a relationship

Try to hold yourself back when reminiscing about the good times. Try to stop yourself from playing back these memories in your head.

It’s tough, but you’ve got to remember that the relationship is over. If you stop thinking about what has happened, you will be able to progress into the future.

2. Remove any reminders

If you keep any of your ex’s things, they will only bring memories flooding back. If you have any of their possessions still, asking them to pick the items up is your best bet. If you have any pictures lying around, you might want to store or throw them away.

3. There is no ‘the one’

The thought that there is only one ‘perfect’ person for everyone is a myth. Most people will have multiple relationships before they find someone they feel they can settle down with. This is an integral life experience – things can be learned from each relationship and you can take those things into the next one.

4. Stop repeating ideas

As well as giving up the idea that there’s only ‘the one’, there are other statements you should stop repeating in your mind.

These include “Everything reminds me of him/her”, “How can I live without him/her?” or “He/she is the only person I will ever love”.

These thoughts are all self-defeating – they will keep you in a loop that will stop you from moving on.

5. Avoid seeing your ex partner

In the infancy stages of a breakup, the best thing to do is try to avoid the places where you think your ex may be. If you see them so soon after, it may bring back memories of good times and might propose the question “What if?” If you avoid these places, you should be able to move forwards.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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