What is the key to a great relationship?

Take inspiration from people in great relationships by adopting some of their best qualities. 

Relationships are never plain sailing – they can be a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, twists and turns and sudden drops – and although they can bring many benefits, they can also have their disadvantages.

Yet for some, it can often seem, relationships are easy and always going well – even though neither partner seems to work particularly hard at it. Although this can be hard to digest, the simple matter is that couples in good relationships tend to be happier in themselves too.

We take a look at the following qualities of people who are more likely to have happier relationships to offer inspiration and guidance on how you too can enjoy an effortless romance.

1) They are not afraid to be themselves

People who are in meaningful and honest relationships tend to be those who are completely open about who they are and not afraid to be their true self. This gives their partner the permission to do the same, and makes for a happier and more content match.

2) They do not let their past define them

Everyone has past issues or experiences that have the potential to affect present situations, but people who can effectively acknowledge, accept and separate themselves from these tend to have healthier relationships. It is important to remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and that they should be learned from rather than dwelled upon.

3) They do not hold grudges

Happy, trusting couples do not hold grudges. Individuals who do will find their relationship suffers due to destructive emotions such as built-up resentment, bitterness or guilt that can result from holding a grudge.

4) They are confident being on their own

Individuals who rely on their partner to feel secure, confident and good about themselves are more likely to be in an unhealthy relationship. Self-doubt can make you incredibly dependent on other people and afraid of being alone, but it is not fair to put the responsibility on your partner to make you feel good about yourself. As the saying goes, “you must first love yourself before anyone else can.”

5) They can make their partner laugh

Humour is key to happy relationships and can bond two people together more than anything else. Laughing and humour is a spontaneous reaction and we unconsciously let down our defences – allowing our true selves to show. Sharing laughter infuses a relationship with ease and playfulness.

If you feel your relationship could benefit from some outside guidance and support, you may want to consider meeting with a relationship coach. To find out more about coaching and how it can help your particular relationship difficulties, please see our relationships page.

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Written by Tamara Marshall
Written by Tamara Marshall
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