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Smartphones and social media are ruining our sex lives

Technology may have numerous benefits, but new research shows it is destroying our sex lives.

A new survey from condom brand, Durex has revealed that a third of Britons feel technology is having a negative impact on their sex lives.

Durex quizzed 2,000 adults as part of the study, which showed mobiles, computers and the Internet are the biggest technological threats to moments of passion.

Results showed one in six of us are likely to answer the phone or read a text message during sex, while 5% admitted to checking Facebook. A huge 60% even confessed that they prefer to spend time playing with technology in bed rather than playing with their partner.

This means our favourite gadgets are quite literally getting in the way of our passionate embraces.

In light of this research, sex and relationship expert Susan Quilliam said: “Many people find love through dating websites or social media – but it’s a worrying trend that many are also feeling gradually ousted in their relationships in favour of interaction online.”

Many believe that advancements in Smartphone technology, and the growth of social media are responsible for the decline in the average number of times couples have sex each month.

Ten years ago, women were having sex on average 6.3 times a month, and men 6.2 times. Today however these figures now stand at 4.8 and 4.9 respectively.

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View and comment on the original Yahoo article. 

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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