Why every female needs a ‘guy friend’

Many females surround themselves only with their girl friends, but there are many ways in which having a boy as a friend, can really enrich our lives.

Apart from our boyfriends, many girls don’t really have men in their lives who they would consider their friend, confidant and someone to hang out with. This may be down to jealousy or issues with where to cross the line, but having a man in your life who isn’t a lover, can be really beneficial for a number of reasons.

If you ask a female friend for some honest advice, chances are she will tell you what you want to hear. Male friends are different, they will more often than not just tell you how it is, which is sometimes exactly what you need to hear. If you want to know why your boyfriend is behaving a certain way, or why he didn’t call you after a date, you can get it all from a males perspective.

There also tends to be less judgement with males. They will take you as you are, without talking about you behind your back. It also takes away the inevitable rivalry which exists between females. You can just relax and be yourself.

As the divide between males and females continues to dissolve, there are many ways you can meet a man to become good friends with and widen your social circle. It is no longer frowned upon to see a woman at a football match, or joining in with a game of poker, and these are both ideal places to meet a potential male friend. It is obviously important to declare from the outset that friendship is the only intention in these cases, so there is no misunderstanding or misread signals.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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