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Recession will ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’ in life coaching

An article over at the Training Zone website suggests that the recession will sort ‘the wheat from the chaff’ in the life coaching industry.

In the case of executive coaching, where businesses and companies employ life coaches to help motivate their staff, life coaches may be seen as an extra expensive that can be cut to help save costs.

Olivia Stefanino, the author of the article, believes that this will create an ‘evolution of the industry’, and that only the best coaches will survive.

She writes: “Those coaches who are going to come out on top in this current ‘culling’ (perhaps the term ‘survival of the fittest’ sounds better) are the ones who are not only talented coaches in their own right – but who have also taken the time and energy to learn how to market themselves successfully to their target audience.”

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Written by Memiah

Written by Memiah

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