Your journey of self-discovery

It’s not uncommon to feel stuck, and uncertain of the path ahead. We often grapple with ideas, overthink and talk ourselves out of pursuing them, and at times, we question the attainability of our desires. If any of this resonates with you, it’s a signal to seize the reins and embark on the journey of self-discovery.


Consider these thought-provoking questions as signposts on your journey:

1. Are you in the right job?

Take a moment to evaluate your current professional path. Does it align with your passions and aspirations? The right job is not just a means to an end but an avenue for personal growth and fulfilment.

2. Are you happy in your relationship?

Relationships play a pivotal role in our well-being. Reflect on the dynamics of your connections. Are they sources of joy and support? Addressing this question opens doors to understanding and improving the quality of your relationships.

3. Are you doing what you love and enjoy?

Passion fuels a meaningful life. Assess whether your daily pursuits align with your true passions. Engaging in activities you love not only brings joy but also contributes to a sense of purpose.

Take a moment to ponder: If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be? Asking this question twice emphasises its importance.

Identifying the areas that need change is the first step towards a fulfilling life. Often, we can be in our comfort zone which prevents us from moving on. Comfort zones can be deceptive barriers to progress. Stepping outside of them is liberating. No one who has embraced change ever regrets it because in doing so, they discover their freedom. Look within for the answers; don't seek external validation.

Listening to your heart is crucial during times of change. Overthinking and self-doubt can be obstacles to your true path. The 'what ifs' are mere illusions. Trust in your inner voice, embrace your authentic self, and soon you'll find yourself on the right path.

If it feels right don't question it. When you make the decision to change you will feel a sense of excitement, you will feel alive and ready to move on. It will not matter what anyone says you will never change your mind; you are ready for change. 

Choose to live by choice rather than by chance. Trust and believe in the answers within; embrace your authentic self, and soon you’ll find yourself on the right path.

Remember, it’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey. Avoid thinking too far ahead, as it might impede your progress. When you look at the big picture it can seem so daunting that you don't proceed. Instead, visualise yourself in your desired outcome. Feel it, see it, and embrace it, you are now ready to make a step-by-step plan of your journey. As you tick off each step you will feel excited and in control, you will know you are on your path.

Focus on your inner voice, it holds the key. If it feels right, don’t hesitate; take a leap of faith. The only way to discover what lies ahead is by embracing change and trusting your instincts. Embrace your freedom and live a life of choice.

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Watford, Herts, WD5
Written by Vicki French, Dip Life Coach - Cert Master NLP Coach
Watford, Herts, WD5

I have enabled many clients to look deeper and to realise their true self, to believe that their dreams come become a reality. If you are stuck in any area of your life then now is the time to look deeper within to bring significant changes into your life that will set you free.

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