Your hair or your life? Well, they're both the same aren't they?

Sat waiting for my appointment, I came to thinking about the decisions we make about our hair, and the angst and trauma it can cause us. Dye it, perm it, layer it, keep it short, grow it long, feather it, and don't get me started on products!!!

How similar just one part of us, our hair, can be to the dilemmas we face in our lives. To diet, to splurge, to cut and run from our jobs, to stick in there and hope that the job grows on us, to bring a bit of excitement and colour in...It's all just the same issues in a different arena, isn’t it?

So, if we want to make things easy for ourselves, what can we do?

Work with our strengths and weaknesses perhaps? For my hair, that’s getting to the root of the situation, accepting and understanding the facts:

  • It’s straight.
  • It's fine.
  • It's faring quite well on the colour stakes.
  • It has a natural kink.
  • It can look ok with minimum effort i.e. head down, blast the hair dryer, ready in 10.
  • It doesn’t hold a style in the wind or a moist atmosphere.
  • I prefer not to spend a lot of time fiddling and prepping it.
  • It’s too thin if grown long.

My action plan – a simple, relaxed mid-length style, with a tint or semi colour just to enliven a little. It will work, and I will have an easy life.

Ok, I can hear you shouting from here – ‘Hair is simple but it's my life we're talking about! My career! My future! That's a whole different ball game!!’

Is it really, are you sure? Are you really sure?

Where are you now in your career and life? Is it all a bit disorganised and unmanageable? Do you need some professional guidance about what you could do make it easier to manage? Is it a bit rough around the edges and you need help to tidy it up, so that you can head out feeling more confident? Has it lost its shine and you want to enliven and enjoy it again? Or do you need an intensive and creative overhaul so that you become the woman you were born to be?

Yeah perhaps you are right; perhaps your life and business dilemmas are nothing like those of your hair!

Each year we can spend a considerable amount of time on hair and beauty treatments so we look good on the outside. Just consider for a moment - how would it be if you spent time on what’s going on inside, so that the results shine through; so that you can feel the positivity and enjoy the difference, on the inside. Is it time for you to shine from the inside out?   

Now, where could you find the right beauty salon for your life and business, or are you already there? Enjoy the Life Coach Directory.

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