Work with your cycle 

Our days are running after a 24-hour clock. On a biological level, our main hormones are also following the rising sun in the morning and the shining moon at night. However, the female body is more complex.


Our hormones follow a cycle made of four different seasons. Working with your hormones allows you to step into your real potential. Going against your season can leave you feeling depleted, tired and overwhelmed. 

Winter - day 1

The first day of bleeding is counted as the first day of your cycle. We start in winter when all your hormones are flat. You will probably feel low, tired and uninspired. As your body is letting go of the egg that hasn’t been fertile, you need to tune in and think about what you need to let go of.

This is the perfect time for rest, restoration and reflection. Recharge your batteries. Lower the workload and practise more self-care. If you push yourself too much during this phase, you’ll end up borrowing energy for the next seasons. 

Let your body and mind simply be. Eat food that is rich in healthy fat and focus on gentle movements such as yoga or long walks. 

Spring - day 5

Finally, the sun is shining on you once again! Hormones are returning. Oestrogen is rising followed by a hint of testosterone. During this season use the new energy and get creative. Your mind is going faster and you may feel more productive. Be open-minded about trying out something new. If you run too fast, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Remember to take it step by step. You can only do one thing at a time. 

Eat fresh food that brings lightness to your body and moves in an inspiring way. It’s a perfect time to try new kinds of exercises. 

Summer - day 14

You’re back in the game! Oestrogen is peaking and so are progesterone and testosterone. Now you’re more in your masculine power. This season is about action-taking so step into your boss babe shoes and put your hair up in a messy bun.

You may feel like giving more of yourself. Your time, energy and love. Use the extra energy to get things done and tick off your to-do list. Remember to be gentle and not give too much of yourself away. We can never pour from an empty cup so practise saying no if needed,

With the extra testosterone in the body, this is perfect for strength training and intense HIIT classes. Enjoy some extra protein and complex carbs to fuel your body. 

Autumn - day 21

Colours are changing and the world is slowing down. Your hormones are dropping after being at their top and you may feel like you’re getting lost in your own thoughts. This is the season where we can feel emotional if we have been pushing against the flow of the other phases. You have less to give so nourish yourself and stay in alignment with you. Tune in and do what you love, what brings you light. 

Your digestion system has slowed down so get plenty of fibre, complex carbohydrates and water to keep everything moving. Cardiovascular training like running and cycling is perfect for this time. 

Following the season of your cycle will help you follow the phases of your body. Embrace them and learn how you can be the best version of yourself. There is no need to overdose on coffee and pop pills if we learn to follow the rhythm of our bodies. Nourish yourself by following the seasons, nutrition-rich food, movement and rest. Watch the magic as you learn to master your feminine energy.

Bear in mind that the length of your cycle may vary from the days mentioned. These are just an average estimation. Once you get into the flow of tracking and working with your unique cycle, you will see clearly when the different seasons enter.

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Redruth, Cornwall, TR16
Written by Health by Evilina
Redruth, Cornwall, TR16

Evilina is a qualified Holistic Health Coach with a background in personal training. Her passion for wellbeing started at a young age when she realised how precious life is and how important it is that we take care of our health. She believes in preventive medicine, where you create health before it is needed.

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