Why does coaching help?

Coaching helps you because it is personal to you and your needs here and now. It focuses on the present, what you can and need to do to move forward and provides support and insights you may otherwise not have.


Coaching provides you with personalised guidance and support based on your specific needs, challenges and current goals. Although it is a process that adapts to any needs, it is specific to your circumstances.

As the coach, I can help you to develop clarity on the vision and dream you already have in mind. I can help you manage your mindset to a more helpful state if that is holding you back. Together we create your manageable step-by-step action plan for daily, weekly and monthly goals on the way to achieving your primary goal, be that career, lifestyle, transitions or self-awareness. 

An objective perspective on your situation

As your coach, I have an objective perspective on your situation that helps you decide for yourself what will work best. Specific to your needs and tendencies, this objectivity is helpful rather than family, friends or colleagues’ agendas that influence their ‘advice’ and perspective.

Decision-making is important and it helps to talk it over aloud versus half-thoughts and emotional reactions within! I will offer you constructive feedback, challenge your thinking if necessary and help you identify blind spots that could hinder your progress. Having honest and unbiased feedback helps you realise new insights that can help you make better, more informed decisions that work for you.


We all slip now and then (yes, even coaches in their own lives, so we know how that is too). As your coach, I keep you accountable for your daily steps, set goals and action plans, and the commitment you have made to yourself, for yourself. 

I will encourage you and inspire you, motivate and help you to drive forward your hopes, dreams and goals to get you there – step by manageable step, to live a life you love and love the work you do.

I will be there to offer support and help when you face obstacles or challenges on your path to success, accountable for taking action regularly and purposefully in order for you to achieve your objectives. Keeping you on track and focused, motivated and excited to grow, learn and develop your life and opportunities, it will be important to have someone to act as a soundboard, open up to and share ideas and feelings, and find the right ways for you to work through them.

Developing your self, skills and knowledge

As your coach I can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need, the additional resources to help you excel in your goal-setting and action-taking every week. Enhancing, with you, your personal and professional development as you need to do it. Providing insights that might help you, tips and tools or techniques for change and mindset management.   

Whatever the purpose, coaching can help with management or leadership skills, communication and relationship-building skills, technical skills and competency as you grow – as your coach, I will support your development of the skills and understanding you need to succeed in your goals.

Progress enhancement and monitoring

In coaching, we help people make progress faster by focusing on their circumstances, goals and steps to make things happen. It also involves monitoring progress, overcoming obstacles, finding ways to do things differently and encouraging ongoing action by witnessing progress and pacing changes.

A coach can help you find ways to fill gaps in your tendencies or talents, address areas for development and ways to work to your strengths more. 

Managing and navigating the complex layers and aspects of life goals – be that career, lifestyle, personal awareness, relationships and communication, or changing habits, patterns and mindset – gives you another perspective, a different outlook or ideas you can take and tweak as you need to.

Coaching helps you achieve your goals faster and more effectively and efficiently than you might on your own because of all these factors.

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ
Written by Julie Crowley, MBACP | Personal Development Coach | Registered Counsellor
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ

Julie provides personal and professional Coaching that increases your options and opportunities, and enhances relationships and communication to create more opportunities for you. "Live your life on purpose, with purpose"

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All coaches are verified professionals