What’s for supper? (Not baked beans again?!)

Thinking about making a change (and maybe not just to what’s for supper)?


What’s on the menu?

Do you find you default into making the same food over and over? Maybe it is lentil curry, or steamed fish and broccoli or (a personal favourite) baked beans on toast, and then one day you think, it really is time to make a change. Maybe you would like to eat more vegetables, or less red meat (or fewer baked beans), but how easy is it to make a change, and make it lasting?

Add a dash of philosophy

What is it that makes real and lasting change so hard? Merleau-Ponty, a 20th-century French existential philosopher, uses the image of a river, winding its way across the landscape, where the riverbed becomes increasingly built up with sediment and so more and more fixed on its course.

Humans are not so very different from that river. There is something physically ingrained into our bodies, into our habits, something unconscious and automatic, that makes change so hard. That sounds quite a challenge, especially if you are reading this article because you are thinking about making a fundamental change in your life. Where do you start?

Being the chef

Don’t despair, back to making supper: you are used to buying certain items from the shops, used to cooking them in a certain way, used to how that feels, what the result will be, it is certain, it is safe. Imagine a different scenario: no more baked beans, but what instead? How hard will the new food be to make? What should you choose? Will you like the result? It is all a bit risky and unknown.

Change requires so much thought and effort. Just like the riverbed dragging the river back to its habitual course, so your thoughts keep you from making the change you want to make and drag you back to your old habits.

Something’s cooking

There is, though, one big difference between us and that river: we have a choice. We can give change a go, cook that beef Wellington over and over until it becomes our new habit and as easy as making baked beans on toast (well, nearly). Some days you will just think, "This is too hard, I’m having baked beans on toast tonight". But that is OK, because no one said this would happen in one day. This is not failure, this is part of the process of change. It happens over time.

Set the table, pour the wine

I’m sorry, this article isn’t one of easy and quick answers. Opting for change isn’t always simple, but the possibilities are endless, varied, exciting and delicious though baked beans are, and easy and cheap, I don’t deny, how exciting to have something different sometimes – a new taste, different nourishment, and the feeling of freedom from not having stayed stuck in that same old riverbed for ever.  
If you feel like you would like to make a change (to your supper menu or to something more fundamental) coaching is a wonderful way to explore how to take the first step. As your coach, I am there to listen, to provide a space where you can freely explore those possibilities and intriguing ideas, and then to help you work out how to take the practical steps that will set you on the way to making that wished-for change.

Bon appetit.

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Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 8BU
Written by Kate Buchanan, Life Coach
Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 8BU

Kate is a life coach and lives in Oxford. She works with people who want to focus on a variety of different areas, including relationships, careers, and personal development. Her approach is empathic and supportive, helping clients to move past the place where they feel stuck to work out the most positive way forward for them as individuals.

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