What is person centred coaching and supervision?

Authenticity is at the centre of person centred coaching and supervision. It creates and establishes a relational opportunity for the client to develop their own skills and explore their future direction.


Our direction when engaged with our authentic self flows with ease and oneness that feels naturally balanced, creating a fit with other aspects of ourselves and our lives.

Often circumstances and opportunities that have felt difficult previously, can fall into place with little effort, when we experience greater authenticity. We can feel ourselves fully functioning, more engaged and becoming excited about the possibilities and the challenges that we are presented with.

Our life can take on an expanded newness that feels more real and more balanced with how we are, tapping into the talents and ways of working that are comfortable and natural to our being.

Person centred coaching offers the client:

Value: Meeting the client where they are in that moment. 

Unconditional acceptance: Of who they are, what they bring and their experience.

Empathic understanding: Recognising that the client has all they need within themselves. Giving space and security to learn, consider and explore alternative approaches that feel more real.

We can all adapt to our idealised influencers during our experiential journey. These are situations, people and circumstances that have moved us away from our natural approach and our own way of dealing with issues and challenges.

We become influenced by others, jobs, promotions, and our interpretation of our own experiences can become mis-directed.

Person centred coaching/supervision helps to move us into a way that feels more comfortable. 

How does it work?

  • Issues from the past that are generated from the client's own interpretation of their experiences can be moved into a new more meaningful direction.
  • The client is in control of the pace and the learning that takes place having the freedom to choose what they want to explore.
  • As a reflective sounding board, the coach is the enabler for the client to tap into their own wise self, into their own core of wisdom, available within each one of us.
  • By creating individual awareness clients can then feel empowered to take responsibility with greater self-determination, confidence, courage, and an increased joy!!
  • Person centred means that the experience and the relationship between the client and the coach brings about authentic learning, learning results that are self-discovered.
  • We learn how to learn independently. The inner learning develops our intuition and informs and leads us towards becoming who we are.

Authentic development seeks to support people's own direction and nurtures their motivations. Authenticity means recognition that we need to change, and this involves making a commitment to yourself to act. Action that considers yourself, health and well-being above your idealised self.

Endless opportunities and positive personal experiences are waiting for us to engage in the authentic life.

If you have selected and read this article you are obviously self-searching, let this search value you, you at the centre of who and where you are, by making a commitment to yourself, you can create greater value and opportunity going forward in all your relationships and personal experiences.

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Durham, DL17
Written by Hazel Rowell-Peverley, Life Coach HR Consultancy Mentor Supervision and Mediator
Durham, DL17

Person centred interventions, moving into solutions focussed objectives. Facilitating the development of increased individual awareness and performance improvement at all entry levels. Based on knowledge and background experience of commercial & individual clients. Sessions are flexible weekdays, evenings and weekends, by appointment.


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