Top tips for boosting motivation and momentum

Motivation. That elusive force guiding our actions and desires, often feels like a flickering flame - sometimes burning brightly, other times barely a spark. As a life coach, I see motivation, or lack of it, as a common theme that arises with my clients, and so this article will explore this idea of motivation along with some practical tips and strategies for cultivating an environment where motivation can flourish and thrive. 


Let’s harness the wind 

It’s important to acknowledge that it is completely natural for motivation to ebb and flow over time. It’s a fluid force, like the wind that will sometimes be filling our sails moving us forward at great speed, and sometimes, it might be a mere gentle breeze, barely felt. This is neither good nor bad, we can acknowledge both these states and accept them for what they are.

To continue the sailing boat metaphor, the good news is we can do things to actively find the best winds of motivation, and harness it in a way to help us. And there are also things we can do to keep the boat moving when there is no wind at all...

What does motivation mean? 

What does motivation truly entail? At its core, motivation embodies the compelling reasons and driving forces behind our actions. It's the internal impetus that propels us toward our goals, dreams, and aspirations. And, motivation is not a constant; it fluctuates, influenced by various factors such as emotions, circumstances, energy levels, resilience and mental states. 

I’ll invite you to ask yourself...

  • What happens when you’re feeling really motivated? 
  • How does it impact your mood, your actions and behaviour? 
  • How does your motivation change over time? 

Top tips for boosting motivation 

Unveiling your "why"

Understanding your intrinsic motivations, and the deep-seated reasons driving your aspirations unlocks unwavering determination. Unveiling your "why" infuses purpose into your actions, serving as a compass guiding your path and bolstering motivation. 

I’ll invite you to... 

  • Write down exactly what your big ‘why’ is. You can repeat asking yourself ‘why’, to get to the real heart of the matter. 
  • Think about what your vision is for where you want to be. Get as specific as you can, and commit it to paper. You can write it down, or create a vision board. Keeping this somewhere visible in your home will help to keep this goal fresh in your mind, and boost your daily motivation.

Understanding the physiology behind motivation 

Delving into the intricate dance between body and mind, understanding our physiology unlocks the keys to sustaining motivation. Simple actions like staying hydrated, nourishing our bodies with nutritious food, and ensuring adequate rest profoundly impact our energy levels and thus our motivation. 

Embracing somatic tools and body connection 

Engaging with somatic tools and fostering a profound connection with our bodies serves as a catalyst for boosting motivation. For example: breathing exercises, mindfulness, and yoga. Exercise, in particular, stimulates the release of endorphins and dopamine, commonly known as 'feel-good' hormones, that not only enhance mood but also contribute to increased motivation. Incorporating regular exercise routines into our lives becomes a powerful tool in fostering a positive physiological environment conducive to sustained motivation.

Insights from neuroscience

Neuroscience offers invaluable insights into harnessing motivation. Creating achievable goals, breaking tasks into smaller steps, and celebrating incremental victories trigger the brain's reward system, amplifying motivation. Visualising success can also activate neural pathways, fuelling determination and focus. 

Do you have a mammoth-size task? How can you break it down into manageable pieces, achievable goals, and how can you celebrate every step forward along the way?

The power of supportive relationships 

We can be hugely bolstered through connection and support from others in our lives. Building a supportive community, sharing experiences, and seeking guidance from mentors or accountability partners fosters encouragement and resilience, which all go to creating a great environment for motivation. 

I’ll invite you to explore building your own support committee... 

  • Who can offer emotional support? 
  • Who can offer inspiring and motivational support? 
  • Who can offer accountability support?
  • Who can offer practical support and guidance?

Acknowledging the ebb and flow: The role of habit formation 

Motivation ebbs and flows. If we waited until we felt motivated before doing anything, we would make far less progress than we’d like! 

Cultivating habits is a brilliant way to create sustained momentum because committing to habitual practices ensures consistency even when motivation wanes. Establishing a routine, setting clear intentions, and integrating helpful behaviours as habits, forges a sense of commitment that transcends the fluctuations of motivation, and can really support you to move forward in a much more sustainable and consistent way. 
Have a play with some of these ideas, and see what works for you. Sometimes, this simple mindset change can offer a great shift. Instead of trying to force motivation to come along, dragging and kicking its heels all the way, you can instead focus on creating an environment where motivation can thrive and blossom. If it shows up, that’s fantastic, and if not, you’ve created the right environment to continue the momentum and movement forward anyway. It’s a win-win.

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Bristol, City of Bristol, BS7
Written by Clare Sutton, ACC ICF Life Coach / Confidence / Fulfilment / Purpose
Bristol, City of Bristol, BS7

Clare Sutton is a fully accredited Professional Life Coach (ACC ICF) supporting women to feel confident and empowered to create their most fulfilling lives, in what ever way that means for them. Her ethical and evidence-based practice offers her clients truly transformational coaching experiences.

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