Six ways to get out of that rut

We’ve all been there. Stuck in a rut. Same old routine. Day in day out. Now, whilst some routine is always present, indeed probably welcomed, when your whole life becomes the same, you’ll probably end up feeling quite down and demotivated. It happens to everyone and can happen for many reasons although fear and limiting beliefs are often implicated. Managing limiting beliefs is the subject of another article I’ve written that you’ll find on the Life Coach Directory. Sometimes, being in a rut is called learned helplessness.

Some of the signs that you’re in a rut might be:

  • You see the world in muted colours.
  • You don’t really look forward to anything.
  • Your days blur together.
  • You’d like to add something new to your life, but are unsure what it is, or if you have time.
  • When you do get free time, you’re too tired to do anything with it.
  • Even though you might be working hard and ticking lots off your list, you don’t feel like you’re achieving much.

Now, let’s be clear, some of these symptoms can indicate a more serious underlying condition, so it’s important you take the advice of your GP if necessary. However, often, we can explore actions to help ourselves.

There’s some difference of opinion as to the author of the quote ‘If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got’ but its meaning is clear.  When things aren’t going so well, we quite often do what’s worked before, but do it even harder.  Then, when that doesn’t work, we do it even harder.  However, what’s quite often needed is to see things from a different perspective. 

6 ways to beat boredom

Here are six ways to beat that boredom, get out of that rut and get motivated;

  • Find something you love doing. Maybe something you did as a child but haven’t done for some time. Perhaps curling up with a book? Playing your favourite game? Painting? Often, we put these things aside as grown-ups because we have to be sensible. Introducing play back into our lives can be motivating.
  • Is there something you’ve never done before, that you’ve always wanted to try?  Our comfort zones tend to become very comfortable; if we can take just a small step outside of it, it can boost our confidence and help us to try other things too.
  • Set yourself some goals. Now, sometimes this can send people running for the hills but wait, this might be for you! Goals don’t have to be scary, nor very large! If you’re already doing yoga, how about learning about a new stance or stretch? If you usually drive a particular route to work, perhaps stop at a particularly beautiful spot and look at the scenery for a moment. If you’re thinking about learning something new, set a goal to find out about local training.
  • Find someone to help you. Involving another person can be motivating, and they can also hold you to account in whatever you’ve decided to change. They can help you plan, encourage you and support you on the days when it might be more difficult.
  • Change your story. If you tell yourself the same story about yourself, and your life, the chances are, everything you do will help you to fulfil that story. ‘That never works for me,’ or ‘I always get this wrong’ are powerful things to say to ourselves.  So, how about picturing yourself taking part in another story, give yourself another character.
  • You’ll be familiar with the science that says exercise can help us feel good, so perhaps include more movement in your life. This doesn’t have to be a particular sport; simply dancing whilst you do your teeth, do leg lifts as you walk up the stairs or go the long way to the shops will all help.

All of these actions have helped many people like you to make changes and lift themselves out of that rut. So, why not get out that new year diary and start to make a note of the very next actions you’ll take. 

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Prudhoe, Northumberland, NE42
Written by Tracey Hutchinson, MSc, NLP MPrac, Happy Brain Coach/Trainer, Advanced Hypnosis
Prudhoe, Northumberland, NE42

Tracey is an experienced coach, trainer, and facilitator who is successfully helping people make positive and permanent change across all areas of life. When you're ready to find out how easily and quickly Tracey can help you find your best self, contact her @Tracey_Hutch or at or

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